How to Create a Ray of Light Effect in Adobe Photoshop CC - Quick and Easy

Setting up a scene with the light ray effect in Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the favorite options for most of the users of this program. To get started with Adobe Photoshop, it's best to first know how to use the toolbar correctly.

This gives the image a light effect reminiscent of a scene from a film and is ideal for those photographs involving dark places or elements.

And, although it may seem difficult to do, it is quite simple following the step by step guide below.

      Are you starting to apply the light ray effect in Adobe Photoshop CC?

      To get started, you need to launch Adobe Photoshop and open the image you want to edit. Next, a new layer is created, which is what we'll be working on.

      Then, you will need to choose the " Polygonal lasso " from the left side panel of the tools. And with that you make a rough selection of the element from which the will “come”. light .

      This selection is then filled with a light color, a yellow to almost white. After that, the commands are pressed " Ctrl + T ".

      This keyboard shortcut will be used to load the " Free transformation tool ". The next step is to right-click the drive you are working on.

      From the menu of options that emerges, the mode will be chosen “ Distortion ”. Thanks to which you can drag one of the points of the box.

      Specifically the one found in the center and on the right side, towards the center of the image and at the bottom. That is, diagonally.

      Soon after, right-click again, but this time the option “ Prospective ” and with the “ Alt ” pressed, the upper right point is moved upwards.

      Adjusting other effect values

      Having this ready, the action is routed to the " Filter " and then choose the desired option, the recommended one is " Rectangle blur ".

      However, you can try the other options, because every image is different and not all filters are so good for every element.

      Staying true to the idea, the filter should be adjusted until the user likes the result. Then create a " Layer Mask " and add a " Gradient from black to white ".

      As well as " Black fronts ", because they are generally colors that will be kept or found in representations of this type.

      And it is dragged from the center of the selection that was made at the beginning, and following the previous diagonal until it reaches the end.

      This will create the first ray of light in the image Adobe Photoshop CC . These steps must be repeated as often as necessary.

      That is, in the other elements that deserve its implementation within the project, taking care to follow the procedure correctly.

      What to consider before creating the light beam in Adobe Photoshop CC?

      Before you can apply this effect, it is important to correctly choose the image to treat. Not all deliveries are eligible for this effect.

      How come? Well, because a ray of light cannot come out from anywhere, nor from any object. This is the importance of analyzing the photography .

      In this sense, those suitable images are those that have elements like windows, open doors, skylights or open objects through which a ray of light can "sneak".

      Also, based on the characteristics of each element, certain values ​​will largely depend on the steps that have been followed before.

      Therefore, the user must use common sense to place correctly the direction of the rays as well as their strength or power.

      So, another recommendation is practice. As with any edition, the better known the tools are, the better they will be managed.

      Another fun and eye-catching Adobe Photoshop effect is the one that gives you the particle dispersion effect; you can also find neon light effect.

      For more practical work you can install brushes with presets.

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