How to create a route on Google Maps with multiple stops or destinations on Android and iOS

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To save time, energy and enjoy the tour, in this article we will explain how to create a route on Google Maps with multiple stops or destinations on Android and iOS.

Whether by car, on foot or by public transport, this search tool will show you different routes that will allow you to reach your destination in the shortest possible time.

How to create a route on Google Maps with multiple stops or destinations on Android and iOS

One of the greatest advantages of Google Maps is that from our device we can see the traffic conditions in real time and thus choose the most convenient route.

This search tool is fabulous for those visiting a city for the first time to do some sightseeing in it, as it easily locates the places of interest, the useful thing about this program is that you can draw lines, shapes or paths on Google Maps, this will make your easiest tour to do.

In addition, it allows you to calculate or measure the area of ​​an area using Google Maps, find places of interest and even see what a place looks like at street level and then be able to create your own custom route.

To get into the topic, let's get started learning the basics of this GPS navigation application, please follow below steps to create your route on Google Maps.

Create a route on Google Maps

Although it is true that from your web browser you can plan and create a route by entering Google Maps , ideally you should download the application.

Then, you can download it on both platforms for free from the Google Play Store - for Android - or from the App Store - for iOS.

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Entering we will see the search bar, our position on the map, the exploration card and on the left side an additional menu under the three bar icon.

We will start by writing the destination of our route in the search bar, this location will be automatically marked on the map with a red marker.

At the bottom of the screen, click on the option "How to get" to see a preview of the route that will take us to the planned destination.

Similarly, under the search icons we can, among other things, change the way in which we will move by car, on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

Now, in the preview, the suggested route is shown in blue and the alternative routes in gray - take longer -, we can choose any one according to our preferences.

Finally, we can click on the button "Start" to create our route and start the journey to the set destination.

Create multiple stops or destinations on Google Maps

First, let's start by entering the final destination of our route and selecting the "How to get there" button located in the tab below to preview the route we will do.

Next, in the upper right part of the screen, press the icon with three horizontal bars to expand the alternative menu and press the option "Add stop" .

Now, let's go back to the previous screen and display one third search box in the top bar where we can add the position of a new stop or destination.

Once the third point has been added to our route, we press, without releasing , the three-bar icon to position this stop between the origin and destination of our route.

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Thanks to the fact that Google Maps offered its users the ability to add new stops to the route, many advantages were added.

Adding stops or destinations to our route is an option that gives us the ability to plan and even anticipate the unexpected that may occur during a journey.

If we are tourists, we can comfortably from our hotel room plan our itinerary every day, as well as visualizing what some places of interest look like.

If we are embarking on a long journey, we can schedule overnight stops to sleep or any necessary gas refills for our car.

If we need to carry out any activity before arriving at our work, we can create our own route by choosing the areas with less traffic and thus be able to arrive on time.

There are endless situations of daily life that are facilitated by the use and good management of this available App for free for the vast majority of Android and iOS devices . You may be interested in knowing how to use Google Maps offline without having an internet connection from Android

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