How to create a temporary email account in Yopmail? - Free and easy

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Creating a temporary email account in Yopmail is the ideal process for those who only need an email account for a day or a few hours. So, you just need to log into Yopmail's temporary email accounts.

No doubt, Yopmail is the ideal option, as it provides similar options that you can find in the most popular emails. Also, if you don't want to share your primary email, it is an alternative to creating a temporary email using Mailinator easily.

How to create a temporary email account in Yopmail? - Free and easy

With the disadvantage that you can only send emails to people or accounts that have the same Yopmail service.

Through this section I will teach you how to create a account email temporaneo in Yopmail in a simple way.

    Create a temporary account in Yopmail

    If you want to create a temporary mail account in Yopmail, as it will only be used for a short time, and therefore, you don't want to take a long time to register.

    To create your temporary account in Yopmail, you just need perform the following process which I will teach you below.

    You must use your favorite browser to enter the official Yopmail site in the address bar and press " Submit ".

    When you are on the official website, you just have to enter the name with which you want to create your email and click on "Check the mail" , to check if that name is available.

    In case it is not available, you also have the option to create an account randomly, by clicking on the option "Email generator".

    When your email name is active, the website will send you directly to your email panel. You can see that the Yopmail panel is very similar to any other email panel, then it is very easy to use.

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    You will have the ability to verify the emails received, you can send emails but only to those accounts that are also Yopmail. With this, you will have completed the process of creating a temporary EMAIL.

    In case you want to recreate another temporary email account, you just have to return to the main window, check if the email name is available and that's it.

    In case you want to create the email account via your mobile, you just need to follow the same steps I taught you earlier.

    How to use Yopmail email?

    Certainly when creating a temporary email account in Yopmail, has some limitations, compared to other popular email services.

    Therefore, it is essential to know how to use it correctly so that you can get better performance in everyday life.

    Mainly, you can use this type of email to use it on those websites which are required to register.

    You can avoid receiving advertising emails information you don't want in your primary email, as you can use this temporary email.

    There are websites that are not very secure at first glance, so you will take care of your personal information on these types of websites, among others.

    The only detail is that you need to verify that these websites where they ask you to enter an email, are compatible with the Yopmail email.

    Since obviously, websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and some other social networking sites do not allow the use of this email.

    Many people know that personal information can be stolen by an internet hacker and then sold.

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    By using this type of email, you can be a little safer, as the information it contains will be deleted within hours.

    Therefore, I can say that the two best features that this type of email does temporary place is to provide you with greater security.

    And the possibility of being able to enter those sites that intrigue you but ask you for an email to enter.

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