How to create a virtual store with Facebook, Instagram, Ecwid and Shopify

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Do you want increase the sales of your business in the short term ? The world is changing and you can adapt to the change by creating a virtual store with Facebook, Instagram, Ecwid and Shopify.

Social networks have become the best tools for all businesses. It has opened up a whole world of possibilities with globalization and you just have to learn how to use the tools to increase your company's sales .

How to create a virtual store with Facebook, Instagram, Ecwid and Shopify

      How to create a virtual store with Facebook, Instagram and Shopify?

      Shopify is an excellent tool for start with your online store and create your catalog. However, it's a paid app, so check out its plans and pricing before creating your content.


      • Have one Facebook fan page
      • Own a Instagram account
      • Have at least 9 posts on Instagram account

      Create an account on Shopify

      • Open a account con Shopify
      • Design the catalogue
      • Log into your Shopify account or create a new account
      • Click on the section Products / All products
      • Choose the Add option

      Configure the shop however you like. Trial to add quality photos and captivating descriptions to attract more customers.

      Create a business profile and an advertising account on Facebook

      • Access the pagina Facebook Business Manager
      • Push the button Create account
      • Enter your business name, your full name and email.
      • Confirm your email address so you can make changes to your account
      • Access the menu / company settings
      • Click on Accounts/Ad Accounts
      • Add new catalog
      • Access a Business Manager
      • Choose the option Add new catalog
      • set a name
      • Click on the option Add items
      • Choose the option Use partner platform and press the Next button
      • Among the available options, select Shopify and follow the instructions to connect your Shopify store to Facebook
      • Time set local currency and upload store data

      Connect Business Manager with Instagram

      • Log in to your Instagram account or create a new one
      • Select your profile icon and then click on the 3 stripes icon
      • Choose the option Account settings
      • Choose the option to share with other Apps and finally associate the account with Facebook
      • Associate the Instagram account to the Facebook Fanpage. You must be a page administrator to perform all configurations
      • Access the fanpage and open the Facebook page settings
      • Choose the Instagram option and log in to your account
      • Now your Instagram account will switch to Business mode

      Expect your account to come validated between 5 and 7 working days. You'll get a notification in your Instagram account, but you can check it's ready when you can already tag products in Instagram posts.

      Facebook Business Manager is a great platform, however it's not without its flaws. Fortunately , all problems that arise on the platform have a solution .

      How to create a virtual store with Facebook, Instagram and Ecwid?

      The advantage of using Ecwid is that it is a free ecommerce platform , an ideal option if you are starting your own business and have little money to invest. The account association process is very similar to Shopify, it only varies by a few steps.

      • Create an account is Ecwid
      • Log in to the Ecwid platform
      • Sign up with i details of your Facebook account
      • In the process it will ask you if you already have a website, enter the link address of your Facebook
      • An e extension will automatically be added an ID will be generated to work with Platform
      • Create and customize the shop to your liking

      From here on, the account association process between Facebook Instagram and Facebook Business Manager is very similar. Just make sure you choose the Ecwid option when uploading yours product catalog on FBM .

      Images that have the catalog link on Instagram are identified by a shopping bag icon . By choosing the product it can be added to a cart and is a way to directly buy products without leaving Instagram.

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