How to create a web page with Asp Net Visual Studio step by step

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Today we will help you to know everything you need for create your web page with Asp.Net Visual Studio . In addition, you can design your website with CorelDRAW to give it an attractive style and allow more people to visit it. But first we would like you I knew more about Visual Studio , Asp.Net and the C # language, which we will explain below.

What is Visual Studio?

It is a group of projects that have been merged into tools , mainly aimed at developers of web pages and applications.

Let's talk about Asp.Net Core

It is a open source multiplatform , which enables the development of various applications that work with the Internet, such as web applications and services. One of the great advantages of Asp.Net Core applications is that they can run with .NET Framework and .NET Core.

In addition, the applications you create with the Asp.Net multiplatform, you can run them on Mac, Linux and Windows , Asp.Net is also open key on GitHub.

What is C #?

It is a programming language , which has type independence, which targets objects that have been formulated to be robust.

Create a web page with Asp.Net Visual Studio

In this guide we will explain in a few steps how to use Visual Studio for design a simple application which we will call "Be Happy". To design this application, we will also use the template to run the "Asp.Net" projects and the C # programming language.

Also, when designing your web page or application, you will be able to upload your local project to GitHub from Visual Studio in just a few steps.

Selection of the project to create the web page

The first thing we need to do is create a project for the web application Asp.Net Core, which can be an Android development with Visual Studio.

  • The first thing will be to address the type of projects.
  • Then we will find all model documents, for designing web applications .
  • And without adding anything else, we select what we want for our project.
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Log in to Visual Studio

The steps we need to take, however enter Visual Studio and design ours website with Asp.Net and the C # programming language, they are simple.

  • On the home page, we have to select the "Create a new project" option.
  • When the search engine appears, we will copy "ASP.NET".
  • Then we will select "C #" from the language options.
  • Next, we will press "Windows" between the alternative platforms.
  • After applied language and platform filters , select the Asp.Net Core web application template and select Next.
  • Now go to the "Configure new project" tab.
  • In the "Project name" option, write the name of your project, for example "Be happy" and select create.
  • In the "Create an Asp.Net Core web application" tab, verify that Asp.Net Core 3.0 is in the drop-down menu at the top.
  • Once there, choose "Web Application" including the "Razor Pages" example, then select Create.

Final report: if it is not possible to obtain the model of the Asp.Net web application, it is possible to install it from the card "Create a project" , following these steps.

  • Where it says "Can't find what you're looking for?" He selects "Install other tools and features".
  • Then you should go into Visual Studio and select the formulated workload of "Asp.Net and web".
  • Then press "Change" in the Visual Studio installer.
  • After saving your work, press "Continue" to install the workload .
  • Then follow the instructions of the second step.

Design and run the web page with Asp.Net Visual Studio

Next, we will give you the final steps you need to take to create and run your web page , with Asp.Net Visual Studio.

  • Go to "Solution Explorer", open the "Pages" folder and select Index.cshtml.
  • This document will take you to the home page of the web application.
  • And then it will run in a browser , which is why you need Wifi.
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  • An HTML code will appear in the editor, for the starting code.
  • Edit the text "We welcome you" for example "Be happy".
  • Press "IIS Express" or "CTRL + F5" to run the application and open it in a web browser.
  • Check in your browser that the page starts with the updated text and that's it.

That's it, we hope you can create your website with Asp.Net Visual Studio , you can also download the Insider version to do your programming.

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