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The passion for sport reaches levels of satisfaction never seen before, it was common to resort to elements such as Apple's movie and TV series service, to mitigate the desire to view high-quality sports content that are in short supply in the mainstream media. For this reason, among the best applications for iPad, those related to connectivity with entertainment elements could range.

It is forming a great demand from the users who are fascinated by the quality of FuboTV, to the point that they want to connect the quality it offers, with that of Apple TV, not in vain other examples apply and some want to use another great platform like Disney Plus on Apple TV.

However, the prominent role that FuboTV is taking forces us to detail how to create an account and register on this fantastic platform. Which we will talk about below.

    What is FuboTV and why is it becoming so famous?

    In short, it is a streaming service, applied and focused on football , but the quality of the initial service delighted users to such an extent that it was necessary to expand the arena of available options to satisfy users who report satisfied with the service. It is true that it started out as a streaming dedicated to football, but it quickly expanded its boundaries and embraced all sports.

    It is currently available in countries such as the United States, Canada and Spain, as lovers of sporting events and sports sport in general they consider this platform as a stronghold of their most passionate desires and desires, because in it they find what they do not enter into other spaces.

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    FuboTV now includes a wide range of options that make it even more demanded by users who love broadcast quality. Such aspects can be science or entertainment, however, there is no doubt that the company's propensity to grow and please users does not diminish its commitment and commitment to provide great sports related and focused service , as the main attraction. .

      FuboTv offers you a large amount of content that you can enjoy, that's why since it launched, the service continues to add a large number of non-sports channels in all its available packages. It currently already has 35 major channels, including NBA TV, NFL, ESPN, Disney Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, FX, among others.

      Fubo Family Basic Package: $ 65 per month and accessibility a 115 channels and 500 hours available for DVR recording. Even for an additional $ 6, you can get a Fubo Extra add-on with 30 channels on various topics such as: lifestyle, sports and entertainment.

      • Sports Plus: for just $ 11 a month with 28 channels including the NFL RedZone
      • Showtime: with 9 live channels and a Showtime On Demand catalog for $ 11 per month
      • Fubo Ultra: this last package is the most complete of all, since it includes all the above, at only 85 dollars a month and with the savings of almost 20 dollars less if you contract each package individually.

      There are several alternatives, at the time of acquiring FuboTV, you can also take advantage of a free trial that you offer for 7 days and once the period is over, enjoy the various plans it offers us.

      Pay for your FuboTV service easily, using credit cards and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. At the moment there are no prepaid cards with which to pay on FuboTV.

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      The list is extensive and very rich, since the great demand for FuboTV services it forces the company to expand more and more, so we offer you some of the most accessible options from which you can have full access and enjoy everything. you. In addition to its transmission in 4K Ultra HD.

      Easily log in from place FuboTV with your computer or tablet.

      • Microsoft's Xbox One

      So far this is the only console compatible with FuboTV, however they continue to work to further expand their options and very soon there may be major updates.

      It is also compatible with the various Streaming devices as:

      • Samsung Smart TV
      • Amazon Fire TV
      • Android TV, along with Google TV
      • Apple TV 4K
      • Stick di Roku, Chromecast e Browser
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