How to create an account and log into Atresplayer on my mobile or tablet

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It is time to change the subject of how to see and receive Android notifications in Windows, but we will give you all the information you need to know about the Atresplayer platform or Atresmedia Player to see from your Smart TV, the steps so that you can create and log in to Atresplayer e , last but not least, the correct use of this platform.

Nowadays, people are always looking for a way to recreate and try to clear their mind a little, as the work routine can cause us stress.

That's why most of the time let's look for a way to watch videos or series to help us relieve some stress. Atresplayer is one of the best platforms you find online, as it offers you the best service and quality when viewing its content.

What is Atresplayer?

Atresplayer is a video mapping audiovisual projection platform, where its servers can enjoy programs and channels such as: Antena 3, Neox, Mega and many others and belongs to the Atresmedia group.

Here you can enjoy series, videos, even radio programs that are broadcast through stations as a cero wave, in this way you can have at your fingertips and be able to enjoy all the contents that Atresmedia offers you at the desired time.

You have the option and the ease of creating your own playlist or the content you want to see and hear, as you can save it to your profile, this allows you to resume playing what you were watching when you paused it.

In Atresplayer you will find two different types of membership , like the free account with which you can enjoy your series and the content you want to see, and on the other you will find the Premium account that offers you to see its content but without advertising, without commitment to stay, full access to their series and program catalogs,

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It also allows you to download your material offline. The Premium account has a cost of 2,99 euros per month , giving you the first month totally free as a trial.

Steps to create and access Atresplayer on my mobile or tablet

If you don't want to miss out on any of the series and programs, you just need to know how to create an Atresplayer account, it's something like signing up for fuboTv, but below we give you the steps in so that you can reach them in an easy way.

When you enter Atresplayer you will find at the top that there is an option that says sign in or register, which will be the same one that will allow you to create your profile and access your profile. Next you need to enter username e password to log in , otherwise if you are not registered you still have to click on the option to create a free account.

So you have to enter i your personal data such as: name and surname, email address, your date of birth, password and another set of data for registration, the password you want to enter must have at least 8 characters and you should try to make it as secure as possible, if it contains numbers, letters uppercase and lowercase much better for you.

Usefulness of using Atresplayer

Atresplayer is a multimedia player belonging to the Atresmedia group , which includes channels that are very popular and loved by the public such as the sixth, and also exclusive to series such as poison and flour, American series such as Modern Family, the theory of the big bang and many other foreign series.

It also gives you access to the flooxer online channel, which is a platform for very YouTube-like short videos created by television professionals.

One of its many uses is that you can see their already mentioned channels, shows and series live, for that you just have to do click the button that says "Live" and then you will see a list of channels that are broadcasting their programming live and direct at that moment. Now that you know what it is, how it works and how to create an Atresplayer account, you can have fun and create other accounts like a YAPE account.

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