How to create an email account in AOL Mail Latino? - Step by step guide

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Through this section I will teach you how create a mail account in AOL Mail Latino, since it is not enough to use any mail service.

It's no secret to anyone that email is of the utmost importance today, as it can be used to receive important information, among other things.

How to create an email account in AOL Mail Latino? - Step by step guide

Even today we can see that the largest companies offer email services such as Google with Gmail or Microsoft with Outlook.

There is a wide variety of options when creating the email , the ideal is to get one that suits our needs. Examples are creating a free email account with GMX Mail or even creating a new email account in Outlook - Hotmail.

It is for this reason that through this section I will teach you how to create an email account in AOL Mail Latino.

    AOL Mail Latino

    Before I show you how to create an email account on AOL Mail Latino, I want you to know that AOL Mail is an email service supported by Verizon.

    Mainly, it is an English-language service in a basic way, but it has aspects meant for Spanish-speaking people.

    The AOL Mail Latino service has some features that make it a very interesting service, that you will surely realize when you start using this fabulous service, such as receiving and sending emails from AOL Mail in Outlook.

    Create an email account in AOL Mail Latino

    Before we start teaching you how to create an email account in AOL Mail Latino, you should know that it is very important to visit the website in Spanish.

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    Therefore, to create your email account, perform the following steps that I will leave you below.

    Use your favorite browser to enter the official site and press " Submit ".

    When you enter the site, you will notice that it requires your email and password to enter, in this case you will click on the option "Create an account". Since you don't have an account and you need to register first.

    In the next window, the corresponding data must be entered. You just have to be careful when filling out the form so you don't get it wrong.

    It is important to enter an active phone number, as to continue with the registration procedure, you will receive a text message with a code to verify. After completing, click " Continue ".

    To receive the text message with the verification code, you need to click "Send verification code via text message".

    Write the 5-digit code in the corresponding box and click on " Accept ", in the next sale click on" Done ".

    By doing this, you will have already created an email account in AOL Mail Latino. You will then be automatically redirected to the dashboard of your new AOL Mail Latino account.

    Mobile app

    Once your email account has been created in AOL Mail Latino, you can use your account from your mobile, simply download the app.

    To do this, you can go to the Play Store o sull'App Store (Android o iOS), enter the name in the search engine, select the application and download it.

    Once downloaded, launch the application and enter both your email and password in the corresponding fields and that's it.

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    It is recommended that you use AOL Mail Latino

    While it's not as popular as emails from Hotmail, Gmail o Yahoo It is important to clarify that AOL has a large user base around the world.

    It really is an email service that has nothing to send to the most popular ones.

    The postal service provided by AOL is extremely secure, as well as being efficient, so it is very likely that you will not encounter any problems while using it.

    In fact, in a study conducted by specialists, it is indicated that the domain " "is among the most powerful domains against Internet threats.

    And it is for this reason that the Verizon company, a few years ago, announced that would have moved his email accounts to the AOL platform.

    Its mail and web service too has SSL certificates , this allows users to feel safe when using its services.

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