How to create an email marketing campaign with MAILJET - Step by step

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Digital marketing has become a key area in the internet world. Email marketing is essential for a company to connect with potential customers and from there come tools that make everything easier. One such tool is Mailjet, which allows you to create a email marketing campaign automated.

Without doubt one of the best tools for Internet advertising that exist on the market. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use . You can work in real time with other members of your team on the same campaign. You will be able to see changes made by other people, ask questions and leave comments.

    How to create an email marketing campaign with Mailjet?

    Create your account on Mailjet. The first thing you need to do is create an account on the official Mailjet website. It's a simple process, you just have to enter your details and validate your email.

    Add contacts. If you have a list of contacts you can add them by clicking the Contacts section of the main panel and then clicking the Create a contact list button.

    You can load contacts from a CSV, TXT or RTF file . You can also enter them manually by copying and pasting into the panel or from a subscription API.

    Create the campaign. Click on the Campaigns - My Campaigns section. The dashboard shows the campaigns that are active or in the process of being created. You have the option to edit, publish or archive the available campaigns. Click the Create New Campaign button and change the name.

    Add the subject . Enter the subject of the email you want to send. You can enter up to 100 characters, but the recommendation is that they shouldn't be more than 70.

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    Who sends the campaign. Enter the name and email address of the person sending the campaign. You can add an address you have registered or add a new one.

    Design the email. Add the campaign content, click the design your email button. There you can choose from one of the predefined templates, add a previously created template, edit it from HTML or code to MJML.

    Choose recipients. Select from your contacts who the email is addressed to. When you've set up all the details, preview the email and send it a test first to make sure everything is okay.

    Finally, send the campaign to recipients or schedule it to be sent at a specific time.

    Keep track of your campaigns

    The work is not complete without measuring the results. Analyze the progress of the campaign and verify that you have achieved the proposed objectives. From the Campaigns - Compare your campaigns section you will be able to see which campaign worked and the statistics.

    Ventajas de Mailjet

    • Collaborative working platform. All team members work in the same place in real time for better results.
    • Real-time monitoring of the activities of the emails sent. It allows you to take action while observe the results of the campaigns.
    • It has no contact limits . You can register as many contacts as you like at no additional cost.
    • Mailjet's tools are quite complete. The emails are highly customizable and automated and the interface with which they are created is very intuitive.

    Accuracy of Mailjet

    When it comes to pricing, Mailjet is one of the best options. Its value for money is terrific compared to other similar platforms such as Mailchimp. It also offers an attractive free lifetime plan, which includes sending 6.000 emails per month with a limit of 200 emails per day .

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    All Mailjet plans include the template builder, API access, SMTP server, detailed report and developer items.

    • Storage of contacts: unlimited and free
    • 6.000 emails per month - free
    • 30.000 emails per month - $ 20,95
    • 60.000 emails per month - $ 41,95
    • 150.000 emails per month - $ 96,95
    • 450.000 emails per month - $ 229,95
    • 900.000 emails per month - $ 398,95
    • 2.500.000 emails per month - $ 886,95
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