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If you want to create an electronics store or e-Commerce, your best option is to create one using WordPress WooCommerce. As this is the ideal platform to create web pages, both to implement a blog and a virtual store. So long as this system has various plugins that make it easy for you to program and adapt the web to what you need.

The versatility of this platform is so wide that on the official WordPress page you can find various templates that you can use for whatever you need. Simply, you have to choose the design that best suits what you are looking for to implement your virtual store.

    How to install Woocommerce from WordPress

    Since WordPress is an application that allows us to have a shop open source , you need to know how to install it with the help of WooCommerce. To be able to install it, you just need to log into WordPress, log in with your email and password as you usually do; then when you enter and are on the main page you will need to locate the word 'Plugins' in the menu.

    When you enter this section you will see a box that says " Add new ", press it so that other options appear, in this area you will have to go to the search engine and copy WooCommerce to be able to search for it.

    When you search for it you will see that WooCommerce will be the first option that appears, in it will be a box that says "Install now" press it and you will have to wait for it to be installed and then press the "Activate" option. When you have the latter option, you will have installed it correctly, when you select it, the WooCommerce introduction or guide will appear to get you started.

    Steps to setup WooCommerce from WordPress

    The first thing you should do to create your online store is think of a name that you think represents you , in case you already own it you should follow the steps below.

    Installer il plugin WooCommerce e WordPress

    Plugins are all those software that are used to complete a Web page; In other words, they are programs that complement the functions of the entire cite Web and allow it to have several complementary applications.

    In general, you will see that there are many types of plugins to edit and layout your website, be it audio, social or email, among others. In the case of plugins for building an online store, you will find several, however the best option is WordPress WooCommerce.

    To install it, you will only have to go to the section where plugins are searched for and enter the name, and then you will get the complement and you will only have to select it so that it is installed quickly. At this point you will need to configure your e-commerce site.

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    In general the interface provided by this software is quite intuitive , so if you have no experience programming or using the WordPress platform, don't worry, you will see that you will learn pretty quickly.

    Similarly, the configuration is simple, you just have to go to the panel and in the appearance option you have to choose one of the templates that you will find there. You will see that there is a wide variety, some are free options while others are paid .

    After selecting the model, you just have to start adding the necessary information and grouping your inventory by categories, so that it is easier for the user to find the products you offer.

    Finally, don't forget to add all the plugins necessary for your online store to work efficiently; For this it is advisable have software that allows you to accept various payment methods like PayPal. Likewise, you must also add a complement that facilitates communication between you and potential customers, and also a good idea will be to have the shipping service to facilitate the customer's purchase.

    Customize your shop

    In short words, domain is the name given to a web page , that is, it is the address that the user will use to search for your online store. Ideally, the name should be short and easily accessible so that any potential customers who want to log into your website to buy can quickly locate it. If you don't know which domain to choose, it is important that you know how many there are and how useful they are.

    Set up shipments

    Before you can set up the shipping option, you need to host your website on a secure site and install also WordPress , this is called 'hosting'.

    Hosting, also called web hosting, is the place where all the information that users will see on the web will be stored. hosting is the space you will have available to store information you want, which is why choosing or finding reliable accommodation is very important.

    Why this will ensure the online store is fast , in short, that netizens can surf without problems.

    Once you have selected the best domain and hosting for your website, it is important to proceed with the WordPress installation. This will also allow you to choose the model that you like best or that represents your electronics store, in the same way you will see that there are several options you can choose .

    Set up payments

    Payments are configured using WordPress tools , so you just have to go to the section to add value to a certain product. This is done once we have published the products.

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    Upload and publish products

    To add products to your shop, you will need to add them as an object, this can contain images and text. Also, you can add a review about the product and why it is interesting to buy it.

    How to manage online store orders

    By properly installing the free plugin, you can start using it the way you want. One of the options it offers is order management. To do this first thing we need to do is insert ours desktop WordPress for in the search section of the WooCommerce menu, the options that open select that of 'Orders', to access this area it will look at the entire list of orders which will be reflected in that area. In this you can review or configure any option you want to manage orders.

    The first thing we can do is press the box that says " Batch actions ", when you do this a menu will appear with everything you can do such as: Move any order to the basket, change the different statuses to the orders, processing (this means that the payment of the order has been made correctly and now you will have to send the product ), waiting (this happens when the customer pays by another means such as a bank transfer and you have to wait for a receipt to check if it has been paid) completed (it is the status that an order must have at the end of the delivery, it is necessary to make it at the time of conclusion of the delivery process).

    If you want to search for a specific order you have to press the box that says search for the order you want, in the list you will see that an eye symbol appears, you can press it to check how the order is going, the payment method and if you want configure it.

    How to create products in WooCommerce

    To start selling your products you need to add them to the store, that's why you need to create a new product in WooCommerce. To do this we must enter WordPress and then in the WooCommerce menu and select the products option, if it is the first product to add you will have to press the box that says "Create product" or in the list select the "Add new 'option. To start adding, you will have to choose the product type.

    Simple product

    A simple product is any product that you can sell, which can be unique and have no options, these can be a chair, a book and many more. When you enter the product creation area, you will see an interface to copy all necessary data . As well as the name and a short description.

    At the bottom will appear the production data option in this we will add ' Simple product 'in this area you can add all important information about our product. First you will find "General" where you will have to enter the price you want to give to your product. Then you can go down for each option (inventory, shipping, related products, attributes) and fill in each of the features of your simple product, then add a good photo of the product and you can go up to hit the button that says preview where you can see what it would look like. observed in the shop and if you liked it you can save it.

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    Variable product

    On the other hand, variable products are all those sets of variations of a product in which its variation changes. For example, pants that are offered in different colors and sizes. To create it you will just have to repeat the above operation and go to the bottom that says product data and select ' Variable product 'then go to the' Attributes' section in this you will select the one you want for your product (color, size or custom product attribute).

    There you can write all the size or color attributes of your product and save it. Then go to the changes and edit them to be able to press Save changes. Finally fill in all other necessary data , add a photo of the product and view it on the page.

    Templates to create an online store

    As we already know, WooCommerce it is a great tool to create our shop, that's why it offers us a wide variety of templates that will facilitate the process, allowing us to do it correctly without making mistakes. But you need to choose the best one so that you don't have to choose one with poor optimization.

    What you should check is that it is responsive, allowing it to adapt to devices, being able to enter safely. You should also check their loading speed, so that when they use them they don't get stressed out by their delay. One of the most recognized is the " GeneratePress "which is the favorite of most users.

    Tips for the proper functioning of your online store

    To make your store stand out, you will need to follow a series of steps to do so . The first thing not to do is add too many extensions. Since this tool offers the necessary extensions, try not to overload it with many unnecessary extensions.

    Very few users know they know that the larger the images you upload to your store, the slower the page becomes, this happens because the browser will have to download more data for the high resolution images, that's why you have to optimize the pictures first , go up to the store.

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