How to create and add a Paypal payment button on my website - Step by step

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Shopping has always been a boring and stressful activity. There Internet resource , technology and developers have managed to offer options today when buying from the comfort of your own home.

A company or entrepreneur who manages accounts in social networks and in Web pages more common, it greatly increases the fact that consumers try to get you to buy without having to spend hours walking the streets or shopping malls.

Paypal, what is it?

To be more competitive in their business, companies have taken the necessary steps to be stronger in the market, regardless of the sector they come from.

So many pages were born that today offer people and companies spaces for buy and sell what they need: products for personal and industrial use, clothing, footwear, telephones, computers.

Paypal was founded in 1998. It is a platform that operates almost anywhere in the world, offering a service of methods online payment . Based mainly on money transfers between users, it looks great alternative to traditional payment methods . Through it you can sign up and cancel automatic payments for your services.

The expansion and growth of Paypal

Paypal is present in many commercial activities that carry out their commercial activity through their web pages, including in auction sites and physical shops that use this platform as an online payment method or processor.

Payment button

Paypal comes as a online payment processor . Its main strength or the main way used in this platform is the transfer of money between users.

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However, many pages use payment buttons in so that the consumer can buy the product more quickly and safely. We will teach you how to create and add a Paypal payment button to your website , following a series of practical and simple steps.

Create your Paypal payment button

First, log in to your Paypal account, so as to be, in this way, in the home panel of this platform.

On this home page, you will find yourself at the top right of the screen by clicking on the configuration button. The next thing you should do is:

  • While you are in the configuration panel of your Paypal account, click on the tab Instruments for sellers.
  • Next, you will see a number of options for selling your products online.
  • Click on the option Manage on the right side of the section Paypal buttons .
  • You will find yourself on the page My saved buttons . On the right of this page, you will get a box, in which you will click the button Create new .
  • Let's do it!

    The Paypal platform itself urges its users to don't be skilled in web development to create these buttons . At this point, it's close to getting the payment button.

    • Choose the type of button you want to create: cart, buy now, subscriptions or donations.
    • In the box below, give a name to the item you are selling, as well as its ID (you can use, for example: 001).
  • Tax the price for your product and assign the currency (by default, the page enters USD, but you can choose other currencies).
  • The only section to customize your button is optional, you can skip it if you want.
  • Continue with step 2, this is optional so you can skip to step 3 if you wish.
  • A kind of form will appear with questions related to the product.
  • Once you have provided all the required information, click the Create button.
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    Final part

    The page will redirect you to another box with 2 tabs: Website and Email, the steps to follow at this point are the following:

    1. Click the Email tab.
  • The link that will appear in this section is the button of your product.
  • You can copy and paste this link on your website. In the same way share it also by email and any other means at your disposal, and whoever inserts that link will go directly to make the payment to purchase your product.

    Also learn how to create a Paypal donation button on my YouTube channel.

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