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Adobe has provided programs for creating and editing content. Photoshop and Illustrator were the programs with the highest representation, as well as other tools such as Adobe Acrobat for viewing and editing PDF files.

Adobe InDesign has emerged as a combination of tools between Photoshop and Illustrator, in addition to the program tools, to position itself as one of the most complete products for creating and editing editorial content .

Structuring tools

If you are learning how to use this amazing program and want to learn how to shape the cover structures of a book, magazine or newspaper, you are reading the ideal article for it.

In this opportunity, you will be able to explore how to create and add a content index using Adobe InDesign, using the different tools this program offers to create a new document and make your design great.

To consider

Before you start structuring your table of contents page, it is important that the text it will be part of index , you have assigned a paragraph style to your table of contents and a formatting to your table of contents. As this tool relies only on the document style sheet.

Start building your index

Once you have the text, on a separate sheet, and introduced a new blank sheet to start structuring the sheet styles, you will need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the tab layout at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter the option Contents .
  3. Enter the title that will appear in the header of your index.
  4. Choose the paragraph style you prefer.
  5. Selection of titles to include

    As you will see, so far everything is very simple and the truth will remain so. Structure the table of contents in InDesign it is a fairly simple procedure.

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    Once you have followed the steps mentioned above, all that remains is to choose the titles to be included in the summary. To do this, you will use the tools found in the Styles section of the table of contents.

    • To the right of this section, you can choose the paragraph style.
  6. To do this, select a style and press Add on the left side of this section.
  7. Likewise, if you have added an incorrect paragraph style, you can select and delete it by clicking the button Remove .
  8. InDesign makes your work easier

    In this way, InDesign will proceed to the search for texts compatible with paragraph styles that you have selected to include them in the index or table of contents, automatically including the page number where they are located.

    Determines the style of the index

    At this point, you will proceed to select the paragraph style of the content that will be part of the index. To do this, select the relevant options in the " Style "located just below the section you worked with.

    • You can leave the same paragraph style, which is the default option for this section.
    • You also have the power to choose which titles will have page numbering and which will not. To do this, you have three options: after the entry, before the entry or without a page number.
  9. In the Between input and number section, apply the tab or separator style between the text and page numbering.
  10. Click OK and then go to the blank page you created earlier. Click on the page and the table of contents will come automatically inserted.
  11. Update in case of changes

    A negative feature of this tool is that, when you change a title, that change you do not it will reflect automatically in the summary. So you need to do the following:

    • Go to the layout tab.
    • Select the option Update content .
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    Better another style

    In case when creating a table of contents you want to make changes and the text it contains, it will be necessary enter back to layout tab , click on the table of contents, make the relevant changes and save again.

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