How to create and configure an AD-HOC network in Windows 10 or Linux

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If you want to share data and files quickly or share an internet connection with your friends, having an AD-HOC network is the best alternative to typical routers or wired, as it provides you with a wireless network at no cost and very easy to use. .

How to create an AD-HOC network on Windows or Linux - Step by step guide

THU we will easily teach you how to create and configure an AD-HOC network on your Windows 10 or Linux PC, we're sure that after learning about this wireless network, you'll end up using it constantly.

    Basic characteristics of an AD-HOC network and what they are for

    What are the requirements to create an AD HOC network from a PC?

    Steps to build a secure AD HOC network from scratch (Windows and Linux)

    We know after upgrading to Windows 10 many users have had difficulty creating an AD-HOC network , as it wasn't as easy as in previous versions of Windows.

    To create this wireless network, you need to use the command bar of our Windows 10 , just follow these steps to do it:

    • Press the Windows menu key plus R, which is "⊞ + r"
    • This will open a dialog called "Run" in the bar that says "open" type "cmd"
    • Then hit "OK" and right after that action, you will see the command bar of your Windows 10

    Now you need to enter special commands to create the AD-HOC network and don't worry, we will tell you which ones to place, try to write them exactly as we will show you below, as the slightest hair will cause an error while creating the network.

    • Enter this command in the bar that flashes on the screen: " netsh wlan show drivers "(don't put it in quotes) then hit" Enter "
    • Enter "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = Other name key = 1234567890", in that command look for the code "ssid =" you will delete the name which is by default and place whatever you want your network AD-HOC to have and in "Key =" enter the password you want to put on your network, press "Enter"
    • Finally write this command "netsh wlan start hostednetwork", it is what will save the changes
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    To verify that you have created the network correctly, go to the area to connect the networks where you usually see if you are connected to Wi-Fi, look for the name you have put in the AD-HOC network, click on it, place the key and you should connect without problems .

    An important information is that if while entering the second command ("netsh wlan show drivers") an error occurred that prevented you from creating the network, it could be because your system was not up to date, to solve this problem follow these steps:

    • Go to Windows Start and right-click
    • In the list of options press "Device manager> Network adapters"
    • Then right click on the "Wi-Fi Adapter" function and press "Update Driver Software"

    After that, you can proceed to enter the other commands without any problem. With the HAC-DOC network created in our Windows 10, we can continue to create it in Linux.

    How to create and configure an AD-HOC network in Linux

    Linux is a free and free software operating system , i.e. all of its features are fully editable and since it doesn't belong to a company itself as Windows, it's free, becoming a favorite among other software like Mac for its safety and ease of use. here we will leverage these unique features to create an AD-HOC network and operate it as a hotspot.

    • Connect to your router's Wi-Fi
    • Then we connect the wireless network card to the USB of our computer we will see that in "Gnome network manager" or "Wicd" appears the new wireless card we just connected
    • Now in the "Gnome network manager" menu click on the option "Create a new wireless network"
    • A dialog box will appear in which we will configure the characteristics of our network to our liking, such as the network name, password, wireless adapter and wireless security.
    • Time you just have to press "Create" and our network will be ready . To verify that it was created successfully, go to the "Gnome network manager" icon and the name of the AD-HOC network we created earlier should appear in the menu.
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    We hope these steps help you , on our page you will always find content about the unique features and functions of wireless networks and other software.

    Install the network cards

    IP address configuration

    LAN network creation

    we choose the network we create and connect.

    Programs to create AD HOC networks in Windows 10


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