How to create and register a Yahoo account without a phone number Is it possible?

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We all know Yahoo, a very famous platform years ago, but the fact that this media company has been on the web for a long time does not mean that they do not continue to use it or that it has ceased to exist. There are many people who prefer to use Yahoo or who continue to use their old accounts forever and continue to enjoy its tools and the benefits it offers us.

    What is Yahoo!

    We know Yahoo as one web directory founded in 1994 in the United States. This platform became famous and had more than 7.000 million hits per month.

    This web directory, which was one of the most famous at the time, is became a content portal from when Google went live and became so famous, leaving Yahoo behind.

    Despite what happened, it is still one of the largest companies, it is still dedicated to offering Internet services. The company has a web search engine which directs you to all the pages you like or have searched for. It has a directory, it also allows us to create and take advantage of the email service to take advantage of what is known as email.

    It should be noted that this site has many features and tools included , has its own section with today's news and the most important of the moment. Or, if you are a staunch weather advocate, Yahoo has its own weather application Yahoo Weather, this official application allows us to easily access all weather information.

    Yahoo serves millions of people with its email services, this is one of the platforms with the largest number of registered users, being the third, behind Gmail and Outlook . We know that the number of subscribers to the page has decreased over time, but still many people want to be part of it if they are not already part of it.

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    When it comes to registering, it happens to many of the App consumers who don't have a phone number or who want to register but don't want to add their number. But don't worry, in this article we'll show you how register without needing a phone number.

    Is it possible to create and register a Yahoo account without a phone number?

    Normally, when you complete the registration form, the applications ask for your phone number, this is not entirely comfortable for everyone, since they don't want to share this type of personal data, much less stay on the web. and other people can see and have it.

    Unfortunately Yahoo is one such platform where you have to use your phone number to be able to complete the registration safely and to be able to verify that the account was created by a person.

    To create your Yahoo account in a quiet, easy and safe way, you should know that it will always ask you for your phone number, as this will prevent you from creating a fake account. Previously the web had a lot of problems with this case, that's why phone number verification has been implemented.

    What does Yahoo do with my phone number?

    The answer to this question that many Yahoo users have asked is that your phone number cannot be seen when you sign up. If what you want is to create your Yahoo account without your phone number, you should know it won't work . It is better to have your affiliate account with your phone number in order to avoid problems with the functioning of the platform.

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    The best thing you can do is log into the platform and create your Yahoo! account, using your phone number and the rest of your details. Once logged in, this website does not allow you to show or disclose your personal data with other users or anyone, even so, if you have any questions about your privacy, you can always count on deleting your Yahoo account.

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