How to create and use presets or presets in Premiere Pro?

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Making or editing a video is a creative process that takes hours of effort and discipline. Which is great on the one hand, but a little annoying on the other. So today you will see how to create and use presets or presets in Premiere Pro, in so that the activities that have become repetitive for you disappear and the magic flows again.

And this video editor is so wonderful that it literally lets you create shortcuts so that every time you go to do another job it's easier. This will motivate you to work even more hours a day, becoming more productive and helping you create higher quality content (and it never hurts to learn new techniques to edit video in Premier pro CC or audio)

How to create and use presets or presets in Premiere Pro

    Why use the default settings?

    Before starting the process of creating and using presets or presets in Premiere Pro , you need to know what they are for and if you should use them.

    Basically they are to save you a lot of time. Since what they do is create shortcuts that perform certain specific tasks. Obviously these tasks are defined by you.

    This is important for those who edit a lot of videos every day, because there are a lot of things that need to be repeated every time a new editing process starts, which slow down your workflow and make you spend more time on what you are doing.

    Some of the tasks you can create a preset for are: a tight cut to background music, animation of frames to scale, position and rotation, compression and gain adjustment of a voiceover, among others.

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    Like those previous examples, there are many more, which can also be simplified with a single click, with just a few adjustments. Getting to know them will ultimately allow you to create an advanced audio mix in Premier Pro or sync audio and video in one go, both of which are more difficult and professional processes.

    Now that you know what these shortcuts are for and the benefits they will bring you, it's time you finally learn how to create and use presets or presets in Premiere Pro.

    Create and use presets or presets in Premiere Pro

    To perform the task of creating and saving settings, it is necessary use the effects control panel and make any initial changes with it, such as an increase in volume or a speed ramp.

    Then within the same panel select the effect you just inserted and right click on it, this will show some options where you have to choose "Save Preset".

    A dialog box will open where you will have to choose the name you want to give to the setting (put an appropriate one that you will not forget and confuse with others), and it will also allow you to enter a short description of the preset.

    In that same section you can also change the type, but if you have to leave it as it is in the option called " Ladder ".

    Create and save multiple presets at the same time

    If you want to save even more time and have already learned how to create one setting, it's time you learn how to make several at the same time.

    To achieve this you must first press the control key ( if you are a Windows user ) or command (if you are Apple), this will allow you to select multiple effects at once, so you just have to do the same as above and voila, you will save several.

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    Last but not least, if you like to use the presets you have saved, you just have to go to the effects panel and then from there expand the folder where the presets are located (you can also search for them by name in the search bar).

    Once you get them, you just have to drag them to the timeline, or even to the video effects section (with this the presets will be shown in the effects control panel).

    And with that ends your learning, now you know how to create and use presets or presets in Premiere Pro in a way easy and fast . So the only thing left to do is save the video. Remember that in this program you can also edit and export 4k videos or just save them in a different quality, so you will have no limits when creating.

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