How to create animated photos on my android phone - Give movement to my photos

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We have heard that "A picture is worth a thousand words" is that today a good photo is a good profile to represent what we are, what we do and what we will be, that's why we observe how most of the users or our contacts show us their daily life with applications so simple to make improvements to theirs photos in their stories.

Although it is that simple upload and publish an image , not just any photo is accepted and with a good shot, it is known that photography is the art of representing the real in the exact moment, when we combine this with the artistic the visits increase, you get more followers and you are the pillar to inspire others to do the same.

Fortunately, technology always helps us without being a professional in editing and design , only a good photo and the magic of the different tools that the corresponding applications offer us can achieve the desired result by turning your photos into works of art.

How to take animated photos on my Android phone?

It is true that you don't have to be a professional, but if you have to have creativity to make your designs, for this you have to make the most of all the tools and show some skill to mark your style, thanks to this you can form a structure aesthetically visual to your gallery and here we will show you one of the applications that has a variety of tools for perform these animation effects and motion for android phones.


Photo on StoryZ

  • Exclusive app to give motion effects to a still photo

It offers a variety of amazing tools to bring your photos to life, it has two ways to use it is known as Ripple (this helps us to give movement to a still photo) also the Motion Effect (Ideal for making the file of multiple images in loop style) below we will show you step by step in an easy way so that you can test these two options that you offers. You can find it available for Android phone and IPhone in the Playstore.

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Chain effect

  1. The first thing you should do is select the photo you want to edit and then crop it to the size you want convenient.
  2. Remember that we will give one action to one static photo , so you have to mark some points to fix in which part of the photo you want the movement and the arrows to give direction to that movement.
  3. You also need to indicate the sequence of stitches you are going to add with the same separation length from one to the other, this is known as a series of movements .
  4. You have to be careful that a part of the photo you don't want to animate doesn't move, so mark the stabilization points to have a limit to the previously established sequence.
  5. Likewise, these stabilization points must have a series of separation from each other, these must also be selected.
  6. If you make a mistake or want to make it different, you have the option to delete by scrolling through the points you are about to delete.
  7. With the brush you can mask the area where you don't want it to have action.
  8. Once all the editing process is done, you can watch your work by giving it Play and then save your file in the gallery.

Motion blur

  1. As in the previous effect, you need to select the image to edit and crop it.
  2. This application recommends a page as a bank of galleries and videos to download to your device and use them, you can search for them as Pixabay or just select a video you have in your gallery.
  3. Trim the video as needed according to the length to give movement to your photo.
  4. To mix the image with the video, you need to use both the manual brush and the magic brush .
  5. Adapt your video, to make it possible you have to transform it.
  6. Watch your process by giving Play and finished saving your file.
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Innovation breaks down barriers, don't always make the same pattern, include in your style what is trendy and what technology offers you, for this you can learn to take pictures that move and speak, discovering and experiencing the montage art .

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