How to create, create or build a clock with Arduino What use can we give it?

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To achieve, create or build a clock with Arduino software it is extremely easy as well as useful if at any time you need to know the time within an application, program or tool, since with an Arduino clock you can do it.

For starters, in case you are wondering what is an arduino? This is a software or platform to create open source, Arduino is based on free software and hardware systems.

If you don't know what free software or free hardware is, they refer to the freedoms that users will have towards them. The free software or hardware they can be changed in any way.

Since Arduino works with a free software or hardware system, anyone can create applications, programs, tools or watches. In case you are interested in knowing how to create a clock with Arduino, we advise you to read on.

What do I need to make, create or build a watch?

Thanks to Arduino technology it is possible to create, create or build a digital clock in a simple way and configure it in a personalized way. Thanks to the Arduino digital inputs and outputs it is possible to create or design multiple codes for programs , applications or tools, such as watches.

What you need to create your own watch with Arduino is; an Arduino UNO, a 4-digit 7-segment display, a board to install the circuit, a battery to power the clock with Arduino , 6 resistors of 220 ohm recommended and finally a set of cables.

Likewise, it will be necessary install a library for this type of system , the best option is to install a Time.h. You can install it via a library manager or "Add .ZIP library".

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Once you have all materials you can design a digital clock thanks to Arduino boards. Furthermore, with Arduino boards it is possible to switch on and program LED strips very easily.

Steps to create, create or build a clock with Arduino

Once you have all the materials to create or build a clock with Arduino you need to identify the pins for your watch with Arduino. In the 7-segment display you have chosen, you need to set 4 pins to indicate which digit will light up, while the others represent the segments of the digits for the Arduino clock.

Once you have identified the pins for your watch, the first step is to assemble the circuit for it, you need to connect the Arduino UNO board with 7-digit display , for this you will use the cable set you have chosen.

Also you can add a button or a button, it is recommended to add two buttons to the circuit since with one you can change the hour, while with the second you can set the minutes.

After building your circuit with the physical components for your Arduino watch you need to download a code for the digital clock with Arduino, these codes can be found in a Time.h library.

Steps to load the program with Arduino

Once you have assembled your circuit, you can load the program or code for the digital clock with Arduino, for this it is necessary that you you use your PC , with this you can install the code and thus create, build or make your own Arduino clock.

Upon loading the digital clock program with Arduino it is necessary to disconnect the pin of your circuit with which information is sent via the serial port.

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After you have completed uploading the program or code for the digital clock with Arduino, you can connect the pin again. So it is possible press the "Reset" or "Start" button for the program to start running.

If the program has been installed correctly you can set the time of your digital clock with Arduino with the buttons you have previously installed. Also you can install a battery in your new digital clock with Arduino to power its circuit.

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