How to create documents, slides and spreadsheets in Google Docs?

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Google is the industry giant, with a variety of applications and programs that work almost perfectly without competition. One of his greatest inventions was Google Docs, built to get any job done (just like Office). That's what today's appointment is for to learn how to create documents, slides and spreadsheets in Google Docs.

How to create documents, slides and spreadsheets in Google Docs

As you read this, if you're new to the world of presentations, spreadsheets, and documents, it's time to refresh. It's no longer just Word or PowerPoint, now there's one tool much more powerful and safer to do our job.

Therefore, it means that it is quite a juicy alternative to using Microsoft Office properly , since it integrates many of the functions of this package.

      Google Docs better known as Google Drive

      To get started and before learning how to create documents, slides, and spreadsheets in Google Docs, you need some background on what it's all about. Since, first of all, the name of him is no longer Google Docs .

      This application has changed its name to Google Drive since 2012, and it was due to a merger carried out by the same company, Google Docs, which deals with the creation of documents, became part of Drive, an online storage system.

      Thanks to the fusion of both, the hybrid o Google Drive is one of the best services in the world, offering us many new advantages, such as being able to view documents from any browser and device (because they are stored in the cloud).

      Also thanks to cloud storage, your files are safe and will never be lost if your computer or mobile phone is damaged. You can also share your documents online with anyone and give permission to the people you want to edit them with you, no matter what country they are in.

      It is possible to create documents, spreadsheets, among others, made in the community and with unlimited access, since is updated in real time, the only requirement is to have the Internet.

      Create documents, slides and spreadsheets in Google Docs

      Now that you have context in mind, it's time for you to learn how to create those online documents that will never be lost and that can be edited by an entire community.

      To create documents, slides and spreadsheets in Google Docs (all three together because the process is almost the same for all). You just need to open your Drive account, a button will appear in the upper left corner that has the name "New" what do you give them there.

      A window will appear where you can choose what you want to create, a written document, a slide or a spreadsheet, among other options, select the one you want.

      Then another tab will open in your browser showing the document whatever it is, and here you can start working and the changes (because it's online) will be automatically saved.

      Another way to access Drive is pressing the 9 gray dots that appear in the upper right corner when you open your browser Chrome (next to our user photo), a window will automatically pop up here with your Google Drive options and the document, scroll or spreadsheet, you want to open.

      If you found it very easy, that's because it is, create a document in Google Drive and sync some folders with Google Drive, making this tool laughable as such.

      In conclusion

      As a small conclusion we have to highlight Google for this service, being able to create documents, slides and spreadsheets in Google Docs is very simple. In other words, it has everything you need in one program, which is constantly updated and keeps the user comfortable.

      All features combined with free use of Microsoft Office | Word, Excel or PowerPoint are immediately within everyone's reach with Google Docs.

      Anyone can have a chance to use it and it is also suitable for all levels of work, professionals, students and even larger companies, as always a round of applause to Google.

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