How to create figures and drawings for free in WhatsApp with keyboard on Android

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WhatsApp is the favorite chat by many users around the world . You talk to family and friends, and also to meet people. There are applications that make conversations more fun with riddles, challenges, chains, among others, but this time I will teach you how to create completely free figures and drawings on WhatsApp.

There are tools that make life more joyful or whatever they are very useful to entertain us for a while . If you can share it with loved ones too, it's twice as good.

How to create figures and drawings for free in WhatsApp with keyboard on Android

    How to make free figures and drawings on WhatsApp

    You can show your artist skills and get a smile from your contacts with the wittiest designs. This is the application Paint for Chat which allows you to create drawings from scratch and share them in your WhatsApp chats.

    Install the app from the Play Store and it's totally free . When you have downloaded the application, go in and you will have a completely blank canvas to draw and with different tools that you can use.

    Choose the type of pen. The first tool in the lower right of the application is the pen tool. If you select it, you can choose the type of pen that will define the shape of the line you will draw. You can choose between Simple, Eraser, Emboss, Blur and SrcATop

    Choose the color of the pen. The tool next to the pen is the Picker, where you can choose the color of the pen or the line you will draw on the canvas. The advantage of the Picker is that you can choose from infinite colors of a color circle.

    You can also choose the intensity of the color. When choosing the color you want, you just have to press in the center of the color circle. Select the background color. Like the pen color, you can choose from a range of colors in a color circle the color you want the background of the drawing to have. Choose the background color before you start drawing, otherwise what you have done before will be erased.

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    Add shapes in the drawing

    For those who are not very skilled in making freehand drawings, the application allows you to add predetermined figures . You can choose a figure and place it on the canvas in the size you want and in the place you want.

    You can choose between Line, Curve, Oval, Rectangle, Round rectangle, Triangle and Diamond.

    With the Picker tool, the same one used to pick the color of the line, you can choose the color of the figure . You are not limited to choosing from a small group of colors, but you have a very large range of choice.

    In case you are wrong

    If you make a mistake, nothing happens because the application has two buttons at the bottom right that are used for make and repeat the changes . If there is a line you don't like, you can delete it by pressing the Cancel button, which is an arrow pointing to the left. You can undo up to nine steps back.

    But if you didn't like the drawing at all, you just have to press the button which is shaped like a small broom and the canvas will be completely white.

    Share on WhatsApp

    Now, when your drawing is perfect, you can share it with your contacts. Press the Share button located at the top right and select WhatsApp.

    You can share it with any of your contacts or send it directly to a WhatsApp group. Likewise, you have the option to share it in a WhatsApp status, so that all your contacts can see it.

    Paint for chat doesn't just work for WhatsApp, but can also use it with other social networks . Without a doubt, this will make your WhatsApp more colorful. You can make figures and drawings and share them on Instagram stories, Instagram feed, Facebook, Twitter and even Telegram chats.

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