How to create lower thirds social media effect in After Effects?

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Learning how to create the Lower Thirds social media effect in After Effects will help you make audiovisual productions with much more quality and professionalism. Don't worry, you don't have to be an advanced designer to pull this off. If you want to know more , Keep reading!

The lower thirds, or lower thirds in Spanish, are those strips composed of text and graphics that usually appear in audiovisual productions to attract the viewer's attention.

How to create the lower thirds social media effect in After Effects

They are used extensively in TV news and similar productions. However, many people use it for social media. This because they are very useful and effective to advertise your social networks between the spectators and the public of your audiovisual production.

    As mentioned above, you don't need to be a very experienced designer to create the Lower Thirds social media effect in After Effects as easily as editing the screen intro in Adobe After Effects, the easiest way to do this is through templates. which you can download from the internet. But if you want the lower thirds of your projection to have your own stamp, it's possible to create them from scratch.

      First steps

      The Lower Thirds are quite simple animations, you just have to use the transformation options offered by the platform. The first thing you need to do for create the Lower Thirds social media effect in After Effects is to create a new composition in the application.

      They don't compare to creating a 4D movie logo animation in After Effects or large architectural projects in Photoshop, but they're handy when you need them.

      In order for the lower third you are creating to be compatible with other video editors, it is recommended to use the dimensions of 1920 x 1080 px.

      The next thing to do is add a background to the new composition . You can start using white and as you work you can change it as needed.

      Design the lower thirds

      Now it's time to design your lower third. For this, using the text tool, write the words that will go in the lower third. This can be your social networks or any information you want. You can do this in two lines of text or in one.

      Keep in mind that if you use two lines of text, do it on different layers to work them separately and in a more organized way. The next thing is to import the logo or graphic you want to insert. After importing it, adjust it to the size you want for yours lower thirds.

      Start animating the lower thirds

      The first thing you'll animate is the icon. For this you will select it and, using the arrow keys plus " Shift ", move it to the left so that it doesn't appear on the screen. Once you have it in the desired position, write the corresponding position keyframes.

      During playback you will notice that the icon already moves, but it does so very linearly. To change this press the F9 key to add the "Easy Ease" effect. This is to make the animation smoother.

      To animate the words of your Lower Thirds you have to basically follow the same steps. A tip, to avoid that they are seen behind the logo, when animating you need to add a white box under the icon level but above the word level.

      In this way they will be hidden when animated and will appear when needed. To finish you need to animate the icon and text in reverse. You will do this using the keyframe and arrow keys. When you finish this step, you'll be able to see exactly how long the bottom third is. You can modify this by changing the position of the keyframes.

      As you can see, Creating the Lower Thirds social media effect in After Effects is quite simple . Now that you know the basics, you just need to let your creativity fly.

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