How to create new user and use multiuser on android phone or tablet

Multiusers on Android devices turn out to be quite advantageous to be able to share computers with other people. Especially when they are relatives who share our home and we use the same equipment however they like different tools that we have to separate. For this reason a new user is created and the ability to use multi-user on Android phones or tablets.

Moreover, the benefit is not only to create them but also to modify, create and delete them when necessary. In any case, a procedure is required that we can follow step by step and then create them to be able to start sharing devices, be it a tablet or a mobile phone.

How to create new user and use multiuser on android phone or tablet

The utility of profiles is the same as Windows profiles, which completely separate one account from another just like le application settings . In this way we protect the data of each account, so that a second person does not have access to it.

We will notice that these user accounts are described as bubbles and are separate accounts even though they are on the same device. Only a few will remain configurations and settings , which will be shared and the same for everyone. Although the most important thing is the use of applications. You can install a different whatsapp in each of the accounts, the data of the same as all files will be completely separate.

Among other things, among its most important utilities there is not only Hotmail or le user settings for each profile. Otherwise, you will have the benefit of adding the accounts you want from Gmail without any limitation.

      Solution to create a new user and use multiuser on Android phones or tablets

      Now to take advantage of these great tools we need to know how to create a new user and use Multi-use your Android phone or tablet . Read the following steps carefully to implement them on your device:

      Step 1:

      Enter the settings normally recognized by the gear logo. There you will see the account settings. You can also find this option in system , then tap more users so that you can find the advanced settings option.

      Probably depending on the Android version where you belong, these options can be found in different forms. They will always be in the settings option.

      Step 2:

      After creating the user you will need to indicate the system to configure it. It's important to do this step so that you can use the profile you're creating.

      This process is very similar to when you do an Android device format, where it asks you to add your own Google account , in addition to the password configuration that is performed at the beginning.

      Step 3:

      Finally, after going through all the configuration with the user assistant , you will have created the new user account. Both accounts will remain here, so when you turn on your tablet or device, choose the user account you belong to and if you have configured a password, enter it to be able to log in.

      User customization

      Customizing users is quite simple and basic so you can change as many names as the photo itself. In case you want to change these preferences, you just have to go to: Settings > System > Various users to be able to press on the account you want to change, being within the account you want to change.

      Put the photo the name of your preference what you want to change in case you regret what you initially placed.

      How to delete a multi-user account?

      In case the owner of the user no longer wants it or needs to use the account, you can delete it in a very simple way. Although it is important to note that it will completely erase all data stored in this profile.

      To do this you must do the following go to: System > then on multiple users when you are here locate the profile that you said to delete and on the side you will find the cogwheel where you will have to press to place the option " Remove user"

      This way you can delete any user which is in the main profile or from it. You just have to keep in mind that there will be no way to recover the deleted data.

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