How to create or apply motion blur using Corel Photo-Paint

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There are many image retouching and design programs available for computers and mobile devices. But without a doubt, one of the best programs to design and edit photos and Corel Photo-Paint.

On this occasion, you will learn something about a very unique and interesting retouching tool, the motion blur using Corel Photo-Paint .

Main motion blur modes

This effect or filter allows you to apply motions radial, linear and zoom . In each of these movements it is possible to set the parameters of length or angle.

  • In linear blur , the sensation of movement in a certain direction, horizontally or vertically, is created. Depending on the length settings you can make in this filter, the image may have a more or less intense blur.
  • While, in the radial blur , the effect of the movement that occurs is circular. The length parameters in this type of filter are irrelevant, not the angle parameters, which will generate more blur.
  • Finally, when yes enlarges , the outside of the image is distorted. The filter produces a feeling of forward motion. In this type of filter, the length allows you to specify the “speed” of movement of the image.

How to apply these effects in Corel Photo-Paint

Once you have the image to which apply motion blur on stage , you can click on the "Effect" tab at the top of the screen and select the "Blur" option. At that point, you will be shown several options that you can explore one by one.

Motion blur

Start by testing the parameters offered by the Photo-Paint interface for apply motion blur effects or apply a Gaussian blur effect to it. After clicking on this option, a small box will appear on the screen.

  • A bar to indicate the distance of movement of the image.
  • One button to determine orientation.
  • You can apply motion to the entire image or select a specific area to apply this filter.
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Radial blur

Going back to the effects and blur tab, this time you will click on the radial blur option . Another smaller box will appear on the screen. This graph will help you determine the central axis of the image.

  • By default, Corel Photo-Paint will be positioned in the center of the image, but you can move that point to another area of ​​the image.
  • Determine the amount of blur using the bar shown in the box.
  • You have, like the previous option, the option of preview the result of the filter you are applying.

Zoom blur

This is the name Corel Photo-Paint gives to quick blur . Again you need to click on the effects tab and locate the blur option to be able to view and select this option.

  • Like radial blur, a box will appear where a bar and button stand out.
  • The button will allow you to select the axis of the image. This axis will be the one that will give that area of ​​the image a chance to remain relatively static.
  • The quantity bar, on the other hand, is what will cause all those outer areas around the axis to distort. Obviously, depending on the quantity selected, the filter intensity it will be greater or less. If for some reason you have saved your image and it looks very blurry, you can correct it directly from Corel Photo Paint.

Other types of blur

Corel Photo-Paint doesn't just deal with these three types of motion blur. One of the best features of this program was the variety of its instruments (such as the dispersion effect) and in this case was no exception.

  • Directional sanding : this option will allow you to soften the effect of movement, especially at the edges of the image.
  • Macchia : This option is used for color images highly contrasting. Through it you can select the intensity of the filter and soften the colors.
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Pass low - Another option that allows you to create a blurry effect in the image, but with much more intensity.

  • off : reduces and balances the blur at the edges.
  • Smart blur : You can blur an image without losing edge detail.
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