How to create or create a bot in Slack for Android or PC using Python

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In the latest applications that have been launched, it is common to see that on platforms like Telegram they use bots, for make this service faster and more complete . And it is that bots, created by a user, have the ability to perform activities that people would normally do, such as sending messages or information.

Hence, bots perform tasks which, since there are so many of them that need to be generated in seconds, it would be impossible for a person to do it quickly to yield results. For this reason yes it is a last generation tool that gives quality to the work done within the interface of an application or program.

In developing this article we want to briefly explain what is Slack , how you can take advantage of the existence of bots in it; and at the same time how you can create it.

    What is Slack and what is it for?

    Slack is an instant messaging application that is used, above all, in the workplace, since with it it is easier to maintain some communication in the workplace. And that's why Slack allows the creation of communication channels in which to share work tools and software that improve performance.

    This is a messaging application like any other, that means with it it's easy to have organized conversations with a work group and share projects and work. To facilitate this, the same platform offers you the ability to make calls or video calls or add apps to help you with your work.

    On top of all this, Slack allows you to use bots on its platform to streamline certain processes and save a lot of time on tasks that might be done by one person but slowly. So, we will explain in a few steps how you can create a bot using a Python programmer in Slack .

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    This is a rather lengthy process, but if you are already familiar with this platform, it will be completely easy to do. The first thing you should do is have an account created with your email in Slack so that you can add yourself to a workspace, and thus be able to log in.

    Once you have logged into Slack and are on the platform, go to a workspace that they have indicated or create your space; so you have to enter the Slack API . There, select the "Start building" button, option where you can add the name of the application you will create it with and choose the workspace.

    With that you can go to the create a bot function in the option within the configuration of "Add features and functionality", to be able to start bringing the bot to life. Then, select the option "Assign a scope to your token bot" , in that box you will have the possibility to assign the work and scope that your bot will have.

    Once this is done, you just need to add the permissions in the "Scopes" option, whether it's "Bot Token Scopes" or "User Token Scopes" . You just have to select one and add it to the bot; then you will see how the new option "Install app in workspace" appears at first, this is how the application is installed.

    Perhaps for the average user the application is not so striking, but if you want to develop on a professional level you should absolutely considerare Slack . The App is very useful for any type of business environment or even for those who want to start a new business.

    What can Slack do for me?

    Undoubtedly, the application is very useful, especially for those who need a constant exchange of information. It's a great tool for jobs and even more so for those that are done at a distance .

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    How to add the new bot to your workspace?

    These are shorter and easier steps, because you just have to look in the platform side strip for the option "OAuth and permissions" . Now go to the "Bot Token Scopes" section to click on "Add an OAuth Scope" and finally on "App Dwelling" where you will find the bot.

    What are the main features of your new bot in Slack?

    This bot will help you to always be aware of all the activity that is posted in a channel, so that you can be more than informed about the messages sent. And just like the bot can help you keep watch the messages they send you, it can also help you send information and save you time while you work.

    Furthermore, having a bot in your workspace will not only simplify your activities, it will make messages sent to a channel dynamic.

    Monitor and collaborate in processing channel activity

    Applying a functional bot can do a great deal of information processing that we manage in our business conversations. This is achieved through the automation of certain procedures, which will undoubtedly save time and manpower.

    Post content to a channel and react to member interactions

    A Bot is able to analyze the interactions of working members. This way we will know if they are aware of the information being provided, which helps improve communication .

    Make channel messages interactive with buttons

    Most bots are capable of rendering interactive messages and even to create buttons for easy access to information. For example, if you want an important message to be permanently in the chat, with a Bot you can do it easily.

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    Learn how to easily add users to your bot

    You shouldn't worry too much when add people to a bot , as the process is the same as in a normal chat. First, go to the channel you want to add people from.

    At the bottom right you will find the "Add people" button , just click there. Add people one by one or type their names / emails directly if you want to add more users.

    How to take full advantage of the capabilities of a bot user

    Of course, most of the time just the users with advanced computer skills they will get the most out of a bot. In any case, the main thing would be not to waste the options it presents.

    First of all, show your workers or contributors to the extra features they can use using Slack Bot. The idea is that its installation is worthwhile, in the long run its use will result in time savings, better communication and ultimately an improvement in work performance.

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