How to Create a Simple Web Page Using Excel Is It Possible?

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Over the years, more and more tools and platforms have emerged for the creation of online web pages, each with different systems and operations, but it should be noted that most of them have been extremely excellent in terms of quality and options they offer users when performing this activity.

They rely on the aesthetics they provide for one. better navigation within it, this point is necessary when you have a significant amount of viewers, which stands out among others and obviously in the competition.

Something that few know is that you can create a web page with Excel. It may not be the most dynamic page you have ever seen, however, it is fully functional. That is why we are going to show you here the steps to create a web page using excel. Then you can start exploring web design with this tool from the Microsoft Office suite.

Create a simple web page with Excel

In fact, Excel is not a program to create web pages, but it is still possible to do it, the first thing we must do is to have or choose beforehand the design we want our web page to have, we can look at the design of other web pages to guide us.

If that is the case with inserting images inside, we have to go to Excel and select the cell where we want an image to be included, can be several in the same way, we are in ''borders'' and use a black border to know where to place it, To place the text is the same procedure, we mark with the border the spaces we want to fill.

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Then we select a range of cells for the images and click on ''select and center'', having this mini model we have to recreate it bigger, to know the real space we have. We do the same, but with the difference that we have to select about ten cells per image and for text in width and length.

Once we have the design or structure, we will start semplicemente to place the details and content, we will go to ''insert'' ''word art'' to add the main letters or failing that the name of our page, we also add the text inside the cells, we select again ''merge and center '' and then `` adjust text ''.

We look for the images we want to place and save them in our computer, we press ``insert image'' and select it, and if it is much larger than the space of the cell we have, we can reduce it to fit, or simply adjust it by adding more width to the cells, having the full text, we justify it.

Once we have this done, we remove the black borders, save the document and export it, clicking on ``publish'' only the sheet in which we created the page, then we open to see how it looked, and ready we are having our own simple web page.

What is Excel and how does it work?

As is known, Excel is a program or tool that is based on the creation of spreadsheets, which allows us to perform or perform various operations efficiently, later integrating with Microsoft Office. Thus Excel became one of the most used programs by companies and recognized companies, thanks to its high level of immediacy.

It contains multiple functions within its menu, such as adding, subtracting and counting elements that are in a range or cell, so it allows you to create data forms, thus allowing the user to work in the best possible way and then get what you want.

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And if that is not enough, one of the best and most innovative features of Excel is that it allows us to create web pages in an easy way, this option is constantly used due to the progress that have had these web platforms, so Excel is a favorite when creating.

Advantages and disadvantages of Excel

Among its great advantages we have that it allows us to easily handle various formulas and data when creating a document or spreadsheet, it provides us with additional formulas to simplify our work.

As for its disadvantages, is that for some users who are novices in the field of pages and programs to create them, it is a little difficult to use it, as it contains multiple and different options and icons to select, which are not very intuitive.

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