How to create or create an automatic table of contents in Word efficiently

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The Microsoft Word format is one of the most used for several decades, since with them it is possible to carry out endless activities, professional, academic, among others. Also, using this format will always be very useful, since you allows you to include all necessary content and even attach images.

Also, other benefits you will get by using Word are that you will be able to create an automatic table of contents without any problems. Although it should be noted that for this you have to against the most updated version that Microsoft offers you based on the version of the program you have, even if you have the 2016 version of Word.

Steps to create an automatic table of contents in Word

The first thing you should do to create your table of contents in Word is to update all Microsoft Office files, as this it will prevent you from having any problems or inconvenience when creating the automatic table of contents.

Next, you need to open the file in Word format to proceed with identifying the titles and subtitles in order of relevance or hierarchy. To do this, you will indicate to each title that it must have a Heading 1 format, in case you want to indicate that it is a subtitle you have to select the Heading 2 or 3 option.

To configure the titles it is necessary to perform the following operations; The first thing is enter the home tab , you can find it in the toolbar at the top left. When you select it, you will notice that several options or features appear that personalize your text.

Likewise, you will see that there is one box called styles and you need to click on it , as there you will get a list of titles to view which will allow you to give them a hierarchical order. It should be noted that this will help you indicate to your table the correct way in which the titles and information should be organized.

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When you finish formatting each title of your book or document, you will just have to search in the toolbox an option identified as references; There you will find the table of contents in the upper left part and you will simply have to select the option or automatic style that you deem necessary. At this point the automatic table will be ready, you just have to check that all the reflected contents are in the correct order.

Edit or modify an automatic table of contents

Although you already know how to create the automatic table of contents, it may happen that you need to make some kind of correction to the text; and you also need to insert or add images in your Word document and your table needs to be edited. In that case, don't worry, as editing the table is very simple, you just need to do the following.

The first thing you should do is make any changes you deem necessary and then you need to format the title, 1,2 or 3, to the added or edited content; and finally select the table and click on the option above the table " update table ", and you will see that this content automatically appears in the index.

So now you know, you just need to edit, add or change the content you need and update the table, so that your document is finished. At that point being necessary or appropriate save the file in Word format and in another type of format that allows you to print or send it without being altered or changed unexpectedly. For this, it will be very useful to know how to convert a Word document to PDF format.

Since this type of format is ideal for saving or archiving a document , without third parties being able to modify or alter it; And even this format will be so versatile that you will be able to send your completed file with automatic table over networks without it being altered.

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