How to create or create custom filters and geofilters on Snapchat

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The famous has had great growth since its launch. Although some of his strategies or dynamics for sharing content weren't his strong point. Something that keeps going stand out from other social networks are its filters.

Well, that's why many users have created an account on Snapchat. Here share their own filters with the community and everyone can use them.

However, not everyone is clear about it how to create or create custom filters and geofilters on Snapchat . Well, the application has an interface which can make the process a little confusing. That is why in this article we will explain these steps so that you can start creating your most original filters and geofilters.

How to create or create custom filters and geofilters on Snapchat

Geofilters on Snapchat have always been more unique than regular filters, that's why limited to one certain geographic area . In this way, if we leave this area, the filter will no longer appear.

These geofilters they are used for several purposes , sometimes to promote events, other times to promote brands and offers and most commonly to promote historical and cultural sites of a city, as well as the city itself.

Regardless of the interest you have in creating the filter or geofilter, you should know that the steps are very simple. Next, we tell you:

Create the filter

For this we have two modes, it will be up to you to use the one that best suits you according to your needs. First, you can do the filter using the same Snapchat application , for this we go to our profile in the application, then we select in the settings, followed by filters and lenses, finally in the filters.

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Now, the creating filters via Snapchat it's very simple. Well, it doesn't have powerful editing tools. However, it's a good option if you want a fast filter with a standard quality finish.

On the other hand, if you want a professional filter, you can use tools like Adobe Photoshop. In this way you will get a better result in the geofilter and in the filter. Well, this tool has much more advanced options so you don't miss any details in the filter.

Once ready, export the document in PNG format with a transparent background and a file weight of less than 300 Kb.

Load the filter or geofilter

This is the part that separates both interests. Well, the first thing is about the payment you have to make for the filter or geofilter. That is will apply alone if the filter includes content that they promote a brand, a person or a profit-making event. On the contrary, the filter will be cost-free.

Also, if it is a geofilter, its cost varies also in based on the area it occupies and the time you intend to leave available.

To load a filter you need to go back to Snapchat settings, then to filters and lenses, now you click on filters and finally you charge filters or geofilters a depending on the purpose.

If it's a filter, we just have to upload the file and add a name. While if it is a geofilter, we have to select the map area in which will be available and the duration time.

Payment is made after loading the filters, remember that Snapchat checks the filters before being published in case you want to create a filter that promotes a figure and you want to publish it for free.

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Considerations for creating a filter or geofilter on Snapchat

  • First of all, remember to create an attractive design with to which the public feels identified. Otherwise, it goes unnoticed.
  • You must respect the established dimensions for the image, because if they are exceeded you will not be able to load the filter later.
  • Leave room for the photo . A minimalist filter is always the best option so that people can show their photos while using your filter.
  • You cannot enter anything in your filter. These are subject to community rules and Snapchat's terms of use. If your filter violates them, it will be removed from the platform and your account may be suspended.
  • The filter cannot contain account information staff , not even the Snapchat name.
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