How to create or create your own personalized address book or address book for printing in Word or PDF for free

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If you are one of the people who like to have everything well organized, be it your telephone contacts, addresses, among others; creating your agenda or notebook in Word or PDF format is the solution . Since this type of document will allow you to customize your agenda in the way or form you prefer or most convenient.

Similarly, for this you will need to initially have the office suite offered by Microsoft, among which Word stands out as the preferred system for the creation of texts. In case you don't have this word processor, you can visit Microsoft official website and download free trial version right now.

Steps to prepare your personalized contact agenda

In the beginning it is important that you know that the notebook must be prepared and personalized in Word, since in this format you can edit as many times as necessary ; if you want to remove or add a character to represent you. We will then convert this format into a PDF document so that you can print it and constantly use it for whatever you need.

Similarly, the first thing you should do is create a table with multiple columns on one sheet, the number will depend on you; however the ideal is that you can have at least 4 columns, where you will find name, address, telephone number and email . Likewise, you can add any information you deem necessary.

Likewise, after adding the table it is important that you start customizing your agenda, for this you can use the toolbar which is located at the top, allowing you to color the table and select a font that you like and that suits your personality.

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Subsequently, elaborating or establishing how you want the table or table where you will download the information to appear, you will simply have to copy and paste in the following sheets; For this you can use the copy and paste function with the keyboard in Word.

Don't forget to customize the cover if you consider it, for this you can add your personal information so that your family members know that the agenda belongs to you; Likewise, you can add pictures or figures found in the Microsoft Word program, in order to completely customize your agenda.

Final procedure

At this point you will have almost finished and customized your contact list, so all that remains is to convert the Word document to PDF format, an easy way to do it is as follows. At the end of the document in Word you have to select the file option and then the "save as" section, there you will find several ways to save the document and you only have to choose what it says PDF and you will be able to convert your file to this format .

It should be noted that convert any file to PDF This is an excellent option, as this format allows you to send and print the document without running the risk of the file being modified intentionally or by human error.

Allowing you to keep the margins, tables or any particular image or feature it possesses intact. So don't hesitate to do it so that your personalized agenda is exactly as planned.

Finally not all you have to do is print the document in PDF and if you wish, you can do a manual binding with a card of your choice and a ribbon, or simply take it where the specialist will take care of leaving it as you prefer. So do not hesitate to create your personalized contact agenda, you will see that it will be very simple.

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