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The world is advanced, evolved and globalized to the point of allowing in a simple way to create small businesses or initiatives that go to the ends we want. Many people have projected their own image using the many tools available on the web and above all the powerful social networks.

From there arises what is known as a personal brand ; that although it is something beneficial to one individual, it can be threatening or reprehensible to others. But here the important thing is that each individual manages to make himself known, impact on society and achieve a certain degree of prestige and satisfaction for what he does.

With our own brand, what we seek is be recognized both in our work and in personal areas, in the way we deem appropriate, which benefits us in all aspects of our life.

    What is a personal brand?

    A personal brand refers, as the name indicates, to something personal, unique, intangible but with the ability to stand out and be noticed among everything . Personal branding is basically what sets us apart from other people around the world.

    To understand the whole concept of personal branding a little better, we'll do a quick comparison with a commercial brand. Always when we see a trademark everywhere, like the trademark with three parallel stripes, we know it is from Adidas brand and automatically when we identify it we know what this brand is, what it does and even who its creator is. .

    The same happens with our personal brand, although it is not something physical or palpable, it is for what we will be recognized by the rest of the people, with which they will identify us . This is why there is what is called personal branding.

    Il Personal Branding it is the development, methods and techniques we use to improve and intensify the footprint we leave on others, wisdom to share, it is the management process we do with all the components that we find in our life path that help in the development of our personal brand. The components that help us develop our personal brand are:

    • Our attitude , that is, the way we act in the face of situations that are presented to us
    • What we say , currently taking into account what we talk in front of people, including our publications on social networks
    • What we do , the actions we take must be in accordance with what we say, as they carry more weight than our words
    • The image we project , if we want to be seen in a certain way, we have to project this into our actions and our speech

    What to keep in mind before creating a personal brand on the Internet?

    To create or develop your own personal brand, you need to do a self-assessment first. Know yourself first and highlight your strength and what makes you unique. While this sounds simple, it's not that simple.

    It is about recognizing your unique advantages and characteristics, evaluating whether what you have conveyed so far benefits you in the different aspects and areas of your life. Once you have everything clear about yourself, you can define your brand . About how you want to be, what you want to convey and the benefit you will bring both to yourself and to third parties.

    Creating a personal brand that identifies and distinguishes you from the rest of the people on the Internet is a difficult task; it takes a lot of patience and trust in themselves to be able to generate impact and value for others. In this sense, you will have to make great sacrifices so that you can have greater reach and receptivity.

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    On the other hand, before you start posting your content; make sure you are creative, lively, contribute content that is valuable or has meaning for others; try to reach out to others, persuade them and make them listen to what you have to say. You also need to define the audience you want to reach and prepare convincing material , move and captivate people.

    Other than that, you have to be very clear that a personal brand is not about you ; but conversely, what can you do with your experiences and knowledge to be able to help others. Therefore, make it very clear so that you can get started and have a positive result in the medium and long term.

    How to build a personal brand from scratch?

    If you want to have your own brand and don't know how to build it; So keep reading this information, where you will learn everything you need to have this brand and be recognized on social networks.

    Define what the goals will be

    To be successful with your personal brand, you need to define some goals to achieve; These can manifest themselves in two aspects, one general that includes all and others specific which must be achieved to develop the overall idea.

    So, here you need to clarify and consider questions like: what do I want to do with my personal brand? Where do I intend to pursue the brand? Where am I and where would I like to go? by the way ... The interesting thing about this case is that you manage to get a better idea what you can do to help others and how you will accomplish it.

    Know and segment your target audience

    Now it is very important that you know who you will be addressing and that you know the audience you want to see yourself with. For this you have to create spaces to interact with your audience; It can be done through polls, forums, chats, posts and comments, etc.

    Now you will have to choose your audience, here you will use all the potential you have developed in your personal brand for reach the audience you have selected according to your criteria, so that they are interested in what you offer.

    Some key points for select your audience are assessing who might be interested in your brand, what their motivation is, their problems, and most importantly, in which virtual communities you can continue to develop your personal brand to reach more people.

    Another great aspect is that you need to study your goal more thoroughly ; This means having information on what they do, where they live, how they live, what their tastes and interests are, why they would see my brand, what I can offer them, how I can add more value to them ...

    In short, the more you know your audience, the more benefits they can get from your personal brand; Having this information at your fingertips, you can create strategies to their advantage and even have more influx and loyal followers of your brand; because you can do it as long as you apply actions based on the needs of consumers.

    Choose what the tone of the communication will be

    A very important strategy for empowering and promoting your personal brand is know how to reach out to your audience ; that is to use an appropriate tone of voice, accompanied by a lively and not very technical vocabulary.

    Public speaking is a key point when it comes to impacting the audience and keeping them happy; so you need to know how to play it and be able to subtly persuade them to fit in and love your brand. It should be specified that knowing how to communicate and say things is what attracts the most attention , so you have to keep a strong (but not booming) voice; intriguing (but not excessively); explicit but with certain formalities.

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    Design a logo or corporate image

    As it is commonly said "the image sells" ; This applies to both your physical appearance and the logo that represents your brand. In this sense it is necessary to create an image that condenses the ideas that you want to convey (established in the objectives); from there you need to be creative to have a design that appeals.

    To make a visual impact with the logo, it is the support of a specialist in the sector is required so you can only attract by looking at the corporate image. You can also do it yourself, of course if you know design and editing; or at least translate it into a physical drawing for someone else to make virtual.

    In addition to all this, put colors that capture, that convey something and with which people feel a certain affinity. Therefore the design must be lively , with personality, current, flashy, particular and particular.

    Create an action plan

    When you have defined who you are, what you want to do and who you want to contact, you can build your strategy based on the data you have collected on the your audience and your personal brand , and set your short and long term goals.

    It is important, once you have created your personal brand, to keep your word about who you are and to let the rest of the world know. You must not forget the core values , because you will always be recognized for what you do and say.

    So based on the information you have, you need to create an action plan to achieve each of the objectives set. You will achieve this by responding to user needs; help them with their daily problems; motivate them to continue and do their best.

    All the actions you put into the plan must be done over time; you can implement strategies to reach more audiences and provide them with the support they need; also to detain and hold back those who already follow you and; be in constant interaction to move forward with respect to what is required in un future not too far.

    Collect and measure results

    As you advance and grow in the audience, look for ways to gather information and measure results that have been provided by your work and commitment.

    To measure the statistics you just have to go into the details of the participation, see the scope it has; compare the number of responses with the number of followers ... Also depending on the results , spaces can be provided for discussing, sharing ideas , concerns and suggestions that users have about your brand and; Based on this analysis, you can add more value and generate greater impact.

    What does it take to promote a personal brand online?

    First you have to make a good impression on the target Another aspect to consider is the logo and the material you post or share. You need to research and consult with your audience to find out if they like what you are doing or if you need to improve something. Try not to repeat the same pattern of ideas and be very creative; Eliminate routines and do activities that users feel most familiar with and get the most out of.

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    How to monetize my personal brand and improve its development?

    Be authentic

    Authenticity is one of the boldest ways to be relevant on social media today. Many people who upload content have had to reinvent themselves over and over to be able to connect with their audience and hook them into what they are doing.

    If you want to improve your personal brand we recommend you to be always, but always yourself ; don't imitate others, do things naturally, trust yourself and that you are doing well. Generate value to others with your personality, which fascinates much more than any other attribute; so don't get carried away by fads or trends, after all, your content is worth more.

    Use tools for data analysis

    One piece of advice we give you is to use surveys on different social networks; Furthermore with the help of Google Docs you can create a more complete form.

    In addition to this, create forums, video conferences, start a blog for comments and look for the most appropriate way to detail the opinion of your followers. Once the information is obtained, Excel can be used to create tables and graphs on the data obtained; Google's polls also make it much easier since they give the results right there, just like Instagram, Facebook or Telegram.

    Have a flexible strategy

    The strategies that are created shouldn't be so rigid; So look for a way to make proposals that fit to external conditions and the needs of your audience.

    Having a flexible strategy can be very beneficial ; as it will help you have a greater presence in networks, effectively reach goals and your followers are loyal to your brand; because this is achieved by including the target and having a greater participation in your brand.

    You have to sell your image to the public, then you must provide as much information as possible and direct it to your regular communication channels, more private or personal. This is what profile optimization is all about; that is, provide the most relevant information so that they know in more detail what you offer, know you and get in touch with you. This aspect is crucial for any personal brand or organization.

    Understanding the user or prospect

    To be well recommended by your brand followers, you need to listen to them, understand what they want and what they need. This will earn you points and will keep potential customers; so you need to provide more personalized attention and provide great value, be more efficient for these users.

    Many times being able to understand people makes them undisputed followers of your brand; because they feel they are being taken into consideration, that someone puts themselves in their situation and manages to have the same perspective on a problem; so you have to help them as much as possible and you will see amazing results.

    • Share your bio and the path you took to get to where you are
    • Optimize your accounts sui social network
    • Create profiles on different websites to advertise your personal brand
    • Have your own domain
    • Leverage marketing and its tools for empower your personal brand
    • If you have no idea of ​​some essential areas to develop your personal brand, entrust to
    • professionals
    • Create a blog and keep it updated it is almost essential
    • Take care of the image you project , both in real life and on the internet
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