How to create or open a file with the M3U extension on Android (example)

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If you ask yourself how to create or open an M3U file on Android , read the following tutorial. Many people don't know how to open this type of file on Android, but today we're going to show you the easiest ways to do it.

What is an M3U file?

An M3U file is a music related component. Being more specific, an M3U file refers to playlists. In fact, a file in this format is specifically a multimedia playlist .

In most cases, M3U files are playlists for audio files, although some also include video. It is important to note that this type of file does not contain audio, it only integrates its location information. In fact, M3U files refer to MP3 URLs.

This is a very useful file type for music lovers which is usually present in some disc distributions. In turn, they can be created to obtain user-specified playlists. On the other hand, if you like music you should know some of the best music players for Android, without further ado let's continue.

How to create or open an M3U file on Android

Fortunately, there are several ways to open M3U files on Android, but for that you need programs. This is why we will introduce you to some of the migliori applicazioni with which you can play content in this format.


If you have a playlist in M3U format, the VLC player will be able to play it. This interesting media player is present in various devices including Android and you can download it from. Without a doubt, it is one of the easiest ways to play files in M3U format .

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Either way, the player's capabilities go beyond playing M3U files. In fact, VLC is widely recognized as one of the best video players for any platform. For that reason, we encourage you to try it out and use it to open and create M3U and other files.

MX player

The MX player is a great option for Android devices. It is a multimedia player capable of playing audio and video, distinguished by its great size compatibility with many files . Among the files compatible with the program we find the M3U playlists.

In addition to playing M3U files without major problems, you will have a customizable and powerful player. Undoubtedly, one of the main features of Eeproductor MX is that it is capable of playing content that others cannot. For these reasons, we recommend that you install it beyond the M3U files, you can download it from.

File IPTV e M3U

Many people are familiar with M3U format as it is also present in IPTV files. If you go to this article related to this, we can also teach you how to setup M3U list in Smart IPTV on any TV.

Certainly M3U lists can be of great use in different circumstances . For this reason, no matter where you use them, you can use any of the methods shown above.

Apri i file M3U su PC

In case you have a Windows computer, the task of opening files in M3U format is even easier. As with Android, it will be necessary have certain applications , but fortunately there are many M3U compatible ones in Windows.

We could say that practically any respected music player in Windows is capable of playing M3U files. Even so, some of the best and most practical are worth recommending.

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Microsoft Windows Media Player

If you don't want to complicate your life too much, the Windows player can play files in M3U format. All you have to do is select it when you open them.

Media Player Classic

For those who want an all-in-one, Media Player Classic is great and yes, it can also play M3U files without any problems.


Foobar2000 is perhaps the best music player for audiophiles and sound lovers . As expected, the player is perfectly compatible with M3U format files.

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