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The Internet has evolved and changed the world we live in, today everything is linked to the web. The services that we can find available are practically unlimited, it is important to know in depth all the tools we can have.

If we make good use of the Internet, we will be able to do wonderful things and to learn everything we intend to do. Since the information is accessible to everyone equally.

One of the branches that has grown stronger in recent years is the interaction we have with other people, they are there different ways of interacting . One of the most feasible ways is through social networks , these give us the opportunity to relate in a simple way.

How to create or open an account on the Tuenti social network?

Currently there are many social networks that we find available, it is very important to know the options and features that each one offers. In this way, it is important to know how to choose the ones that best suit our needs and our lifestyle.

One of the social networks that has been very successful is Tuenti , founded in 2006 with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Within a short time after its launch, it became the most popular social network in Spain .

Tuenti features and benefits

Currently operating internationally in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador and Guatemala, the services it offers are extraordinary. With Tuenti we can post photos and videos , as well as observe the publications of our friends.

Another feature that stands out is the ability to share status updates with our contacts . The instant messaging services are very good, we can communicate in real time with our friends.

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Interact with the publications of our contacts e follow specific pages suited to our tastes are one of its main advantages. It is a very complete social network that adapts very well to the needs of users.

In the case of entering this social network, it is very important to know the procedures that must be followed to be a Tuenti user. The first thing we need to do is create an account, in this article we will learn how to create or open an account on the Tuenti social network.

It should be noted that to create an account in Tuenti you need to have an Outlook account, formerly known as Hotmail. In case of not having a Hotmail account we have to follow the following steps.

Steps to create a Hotmail account

The first thing we need to do is open our trusted browser, so let's go to the address bar which is at the top of the screen. There we go to the Outlook official site , which you can get via this link.

Now we need to click on "Sign in" , we fill all the requirements in the boxes you request. For example, create the name of our email, password, also how to indicate our name and personal data.

Steps to create an account on the Tuenti social network

Once the Outlook email is successfully created, we can continue with the steps to create our account on the Tuenti social network. The first thing we need to do is open our trusted browser.

So, we need to access the official page of the Tuenti platform ; we get it in this link. After entering the website of this social network, we need to click on the option "Subscribe now" .

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The next step will be to fill in all the fields that the page indicates , first we enter our name and surname. Under the Hotmail email we created earlier, we therefore indicate our gender.

Next we enter the data of our date of birth, we must create a password in the space that requires it. This will be the password we will use to log into Tuenti.

Depending on the country we are in we have to put the phone number with the code. We accept the terms and conditions, finally, click on «Enjoy Tuenti» and in this way we have finished the process. After creating your account, you can stop logging in.

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