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Promotional banners on websites have become one of the most foolproof tools when it comes to attracting customers and users. Since they are attractive and accessible from any platform on which they are used.

Also, creating a promotional banner using HTML and CSS codes is one of the most comprehensive ways you can access. Since both code tools make your promotional banner look so attractive how original.

For this reason, we will show you the steps to follow to create a creative promotional banner and visually appealing with CSS and HTML codes. This way, you will have the basic knowledge for designing this element on your website.

Basic concepts of CSS and HTML code

One of the most affordable ways to create promotional and creative banners for your website is via HTML and CSS codes. So you need to handle the basic concepts everyone has before you start programming your banner.

So the code HTML is not a programming language , but rather a markup language. Well, it is used to define the concept of a web page, such as colors, images, texts, lists, among others. Therefore, HTML documents can be used to create web pages.

In this way, HTML and CSS codes are usually identified as a intermediate point between what is programming and design . Since CSS and HTML, together with JavaScrip, make up the visual part of a web page, also known as the Front-End.

For its part, the CSS code is the complement of HTML, since i CSS creates an emphasis on style or on the aesthetic part of the web page.

Therefore, these two codes are one of the best alternatives to create professional web pages and include creative professional banners in the same through their functions.

When designing a banner, you have to take into account a number of things to ensure is attractive to the public eye to which we want to address and therefore does not go unnoticed like the rest of advertising on the net, in this article we will indicate the points on which to focus your attention when creating a banner:

First what you need to be clear about the goal , that is, knowing what product you are going to offer and create an advertising campaign especially for it. If you want to sell multiple products, work them separately. This way you will generate more traffic on the networks and reach more consumers.

You must know which audience you will focus the product on , knowing the customer is extremely important, for this you have to take into account gender, age and nationality, knowing the tastes that can be acquired by the majority will also help you create the most amazing advertising banner.

The message you are about to give in the banner should be short and direct, if you are not clear or put a lot of text, people will stop reading it, as it will make them something boring. Last, but not least, your banner it must have an attractive design , there must be harmony between background and characters, aesthetics are very important, you can also choose between animating it or making a static banner.

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You have to be very careful when designing your banner ad, as making some design mistakes far from calling customers could be repellent for your product, these are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

Not using the right fonts (typography) this part is very important because it conveys the message we want to convey to the consumer, it must be a readable font with the right size, it is not advisable to use more than two characters, this creates chaos in the image.

Do not use photos with too high quality, this causes our advertising banner to load more slowly, therefore ignored by most. Also try to use an appropriate color palette , very important not to exceed the four colors in the banner.

Don't use a lot of text in the image, if you write an entire will in your advertisement, you will only bore the potential consumer, who will leave without reading a quarter of the ad. Also, you should always try to highlight the brand of the product .

Promotional banners are currently one of the most interesting digital marketing tools. Because it is possible add this HTML and CSS promotional banner to social networks or web pages to attract and attract the attention of users.

To get started, you need to open your web page's line of code and access the HTML section . Once there, you need to give your promotional banner a title, you can use a top level header. So, you need to use a subtitle or h2 to define the subject or reason for your promotion.

Now you can use a third level or h3 header to determine how much discount will be your promotion . Now you can establish a paragraph to get more users attention by defining that this is a limited promotion and inserting an anchor tag to redirect to the order of that promotion.

Next, to make the promotion look like a banner, you need to insert a tag div containing at the beginning and at the end of your HTML code.

Once the promotional banner with HTML code, it's time to make the creative adjustments corresponding to that banner using the CSS code. To do this, you need to use a CSS tag cloud for your web page to shape it.

For this, it is ideal that you start by giving a background to your promotional banner, then you should start by entering the name of your banner. Being, in the case of the previous instruction, that of the container div. Now, to proceed with the placement of the banner background, you have to insert the 'background' property and the color in which you want your promotional banner to appear.

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On the other hand, in case you want your promotional banner to contain a background image, such as the original logo of your website, you have to use the "background image" property. To use it, you have to give it the value of a URL which contains the image you want to use as a background.

Similarly, using the 'background-size' code you can define the size of the image or the color with which your promotional banner will be covered . In this way, when you have added the features you prefer, you will have successfully created a completely original promotional banner.

Have navigation links

It is very important to get a banner with a navigation link, since in this way it will go from a simple image to an advertising on the net, there are pages like Oleoshop that facilitate the process of obtaining a link , with step explanation and very affordable price. Take it as a small investment to grow your business.

If you want to create a modern banner quote, you can switch to using HTML / CSS3 , CSS3 is one of the best options, as it is more solid, has broad support, has modern and aesthetic design options, practically unlimited in addition to fun graphics.

Add a layout style

To create a banner design we need to use the CSS programming language. With it we can apply an infinite number of effects, colors and designs according to our idea through the code. If we don't have a lot of design ideas, we can look for ideas on platforms like Pinterest. We can also search for design templates or banners on the web that in some cases we will have the code available to have the basis of the design and then we can customize to our liking.

If you want to create an HTML banner, you can access the Google Web Designer application. Once the program is installed on your computer, click on ' create new file ' then we add our images and create our banner. All that remains is to export the result

On the other hand, to design a CSS banner we can also go to the Google Web Designer application or do a quick search in the browser to get the CSS style code we need to display the banner on our website, replacing only the spaces that show us. A good source of codes is TheDigitalMike page .

Today there are a large variety of editing applications on the web, which can help us add animations to our banner ad code. Creatopy is one of them, if you are a beginner and do not know code management, you can still animate your advertisement .

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Creatopy has its own HTML5 editor, we can find thousands of templates for developing professional animated ads, It provides also more tools to create the code , you just need to follow these simple steps:

Enter the Creatopy platform, locate the banner sizes available in the menu, choose one and start designing, using the HTML 5 editor we can choose the animation we like best, we customize by adding the source and images , finally we provide the banner animation by applying the previously selected template and downloading the result. Some types of promotional banners you can design

There are several formats of banner ads on the web, some more striking than others. Some of the most appropriate for selling a product are as follows:

Header-style banners are what are located at the top of the page . Being fully visible, they are the ones that generate the most traffic, that is, they reach the greatest number of people.

Rectangular footer banners, these are the most common, although they don't move as many visits as header ones, in the long run they reach a good number of people .

Banners in content, these are the banners that you can find in the center of a page when, for example, you read the news, they are more likely to be seen because they suddenly break in, being one of the ones that generate the most traffic.

The codes are the basis of the banner , there is a great variety of codes that modify some aspects, be they typography, color or border. Below we will mention some of the most used in advertising banners:

Code 'font-family' , which establishes a typographic font, accompanied by the 'font-style' , which defines the style (normal, italic or oblique). We also have 'font-variant 'which converts lowercase to uppercase, but smaller; 'border: 1px solid # 000' that adjusts the edges, 'color: #fff' for the text color e 'width: 100px' for the width in pixels, specifically 100 pixels.

For graphic elements

The most popular codes in CSS for editing images are 'width' that changes the width of an element or image, usually defined in pixels, 'height' defines the height of an element 'background-color' which changes the background color of an element, 'background-image 'which would be the background image for an element, finally 'background-position' indicating the position of the image within the background.

For spaces or margins

The most popular in this category are: 'margin-top' which is margin up, 'margin-right' to move the margin to the right, 'margin-bottom' per move the margin down, 'margin-left' left margin, 'letter-spacing' to create spaces.

To add text

Finally, the codes we use to modify the text of our banner are 'font-family' to set typography, 'font-style' , ' font-variant ' and 'font-weight 'which changes the thickness of the font.

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