How to Create Space with Nebulas and Stars in Adobe Photoshop - Step by Step

Designing awesome content like nebulae and stars in Adobe Photoshop CC it can be difficult, but it really isn't. Indeed, this can be easy to create if you have the correct instructions and directions per proceed.

How to Create Space with Nebulas and Stars in Adobe Photoshop - Step by Step

      Create the background of the nebulae and stars in Adobe Photoshop CC

      So, the first thing is to create the background that will carry the nebulae and stars, using the paint tool on the left sidebar, which is shaped like a bucket .

      Choosing the option " Bucket tool ” , the black color is chosen and, by clicking on the screen, the background tone change will be applied.

      Apply noise effect to the background of the image

      To add the star effect in Adobe Photoshop CC, you have to use a filter that will cause some sort of distortion in the background of the image.

      To do this, choose the tab " Filters". Among the options you will find one that says " Noise ". When you place the pointer over it, other alternatives will be shown, you need to click on " Add noise ".

      At the same time, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to edit the “ Noise ", in which the percentage should be adjusted to 400% .

      Duplicate the layer and apply the Gaussian blur

      To duplicate, select the layer by right-clicking, choosing the option " Duplicate." Similarly, the first layer is hidden to continue the process in the second.

      Photoshop lets you take a layer, image, or selections and use the copy and paste option.

      In this, a Gaussian effect must be applied, which can be achieved from the " filters ", then you choose " Blur " and finally in " Gaussian blur ".

      A new configuration window will appear, which should be set to a 0,5 pixel interval, so click on " Ok ".

      Change Levels on the second layer and Gaussian Blur on the first

      Now, the color levels need to be changed to continue modeling. And for that, access the tab “ Image " to then position yourself in " Regulation ” and then in “ Layers ".

      The first of the three arrows shown must be set to 201, moving it to the right, while the second of these to 0,75. The third remains the same.

      To continue creating the nebulae and stars effect in Adobe Photoshop CC, reactivate the first layer and apply Gaussian Blur by setting the Radius to 1.

      Then, he needs to adjust his levels, placing the first arrow at 160 and the third at 169. After that, the Gaussian blur is applied again at 1,2.

      Select all stars from "Channels"

      Then you need to go to " Channels " in the section next to layers in the right bar, and in that section the button with more dots at the bottom is chosen. The Channels option allows you to convert a layer into a channel.

      This way, you will have all the stars of the layers selected, the next thing is to drag the first layer and delete it.

      Then, a new one is created and painted completely white. Then, in the tab " Selection " , you choose " Deselect ".

      Next, click on the layer, then check the box " External glow ". Next, right click on any layer and select " Merge Visible ".

      Final steps to create nebulae and stars

      To continue, a new layer is created and painted black. In this same level, we go to the tab " Filters ", then to " Interprets " and then to " Clouds ".

      Next, choose layer options and select " Overlap ". Next a new layer is created, then choose the brush tool with 8% opacity.

      Also, the brush options are adjusted, which will have only marked " Soften ", choosing the desired color and painting the entire layer as desired.

      Similarly, you need to apply a Gaussian Blur on the new 90 pixel layer, then pick other colors with the brush and finish coloring the nebulas and stars in Adobe Photoshop CC.

      If you are interested in all the effects that you can create with Adobe Photoshop CC, you should know that you can also create the lens flare effect.

      Since you are going to create a hazy and starry background why not also try making a photo montage and put a picture of a friend, family member or yourself on that background.

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