How to create the sound or effect of applause with my cellphone

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Mobile phones have revolutionized the world and society, so thousands and thousands of users who use these devices have gone wild, their progress over the years has been awaited by everyone, greater efficiency, greater operability, greater comfort and more thrifty, you can say that for the most part have total demand for public use .

Have become a fundamental and relevant part of daily life of all the people around the world, therefore the existing brands which are multiple, have decided to create more advanced mobile equipment that meets the needs of the employer, always thinking of immediacy.

Therefore it is good to note that currently, they have created mobile phones of different colors, sizes and functions , so that the employer finds what he is looking for and is satisfied in every possible way to be considered in his daily commitment, be it at work, in society and, of course, lead to highly ingenious social interaction.

Through them we can do many things , surfing the Internet, instant messaging, calling, through real applications that have also been created, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many others, simple to use and facilitate the communication mechanism between citizens.

In this article we will explain to you how to create clap effect or sound with your cellphone in the easiest and fastest way. To start enjoying this sound with your friends, you can even use them to make jokes.

    What are sound effects or sounds on mobile phones?

    They are in fact sounds or songs that usually or typically come with the factory cellphone, we use them for ringtones, messages or video calls, it is also possible on some cellphones to use them when we type on the keyboard, so they are really necessary, since thanks to them, we can know when someone calls us or sends us messages, allowing the mobile phone to emit a sound.

    These sounds can be changed whenever we want, we simply go to the settings on our mobile and press the option of `` audio profiles '' we can place the ones that the mobile phone carries, or there is also the possibility of placing a customized one, downloading it via the internet, or via sound applications that we will know in later, we will be able to use different ringtones even on dual SIM mobile phones.

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    It also offers us the possibility to add different sounds for each contact and a sound for application notifications, which would be easier when listening to a call, we would already know who it is, as we have customized it previously, it is always important have loud sound on our mobile to be more aware of what is happening.

    How to create the sound or effect of clapping with my mobile phone

    It is possible that this sound is not included with the cellphone, so the ideal would be to download some audio applications for mobile phones, which contain different sounds and among them what we are looking for.

    In the Play Store there are an infinite number of audio applications, what we have to do is enter and if we do not have access we can quickly create an account in the Play Store and in the search engine we enter what we are looking for, in this case '' sound effects '' 'or' 'mobile applause sound' ', more options will appear to choose from to suit what we need.

    One of the best sound effects applications on our mobile is Zedge, here we will find many sound effects, it is an extremely reliable application and of course we have to make sure it contains the clap effect.

    Other sound effects apps

    There are a lot of applications of this type and it is always good to know the best of them we consider `` Audiko '' an application that has gotten thousands of downloads and therefore very positive opinions and reviews in the Play Store comments section, its goal is to allow us to create our own custom shades ourselves, which makes it much better.

    Another of the many is Rsfx, being also very effective in its field, allowing us to creatively create audio and providing thousands of effects that we can use for it. These are some of the highest quality options for carrying out this business and thus being able to find what we are looking for.

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    Ways to have the clap effect to use on the mobile

    It is not a diversi modi per customize our mobile , one of the most used by all is to change the sound effects of our phone, both for calls, and for messages and also rather subtle effects like transitioning or opening apps.

    This type of modification is able to give your phone a unique personality, allowing you to insert your favorite songs, your own soundtracks and all kinds of sound effects you want. One of the most used effects is that of the famous 'clap' or 'applause'. This effect is very easy to implement and works great for message notifications. There are several ways to achieve this effect, some of them are:

    Search in the list of preset sounds on your mobile

    In general, i our phones have a large gallery of preset sounds and songs, in some cases it is common to find this type of effects already hosted in our library. To see it you will only have to enter the settings of your mobile phone, look for the "sounds and notifications" section. Once inside, you will proceed to search the tone gallery, and you can search one by one, maybe you are lucky and this effect is already preset on your mobile.

    Using the Applause Sounds

    There are countless applications aimed at sound effects, and believe it or not, there are also a good number of applications aimed at sound effects. solely to generate applause sounds , as in the case of 'Applause Sounds', an application capable of generating a table with different types of applause, so that you can create the applause template you want, save it and later use them to change the ringtones and message tones .

    There are different types of this same application, since in the Google Play Store, so it will be up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

    Other sound effects apps

    The sound effect of the applause it can also be generated in any type of application aimed at these effects , as most applications of this style allow the user to use the presets to be able to edit all the sounds he wants to create more conveniently.

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    In applications like 'Timbre' or 'Music Studio Lite', you can tweak the percussion elements, so they can sound like applause every time you touch them. There is also a pretty good application called "Drum Pad Machine", which already has this kind of preset effects, which you can mix with many others and thus create amazing compositions and rhythms, which you can use later as a tone.

    A pretty creative way to achieve these types of effects is extract them directly from a composition such as video or audio, this will make the sound much more organic than that achieved in any of the aforementioned applications.

    To do this, you simply need to have an audio and video editor on your phone or computer. We will record the video or audio, looking for it to be with the best possible quality, if it can be in a room where there is a good amount of echo, the better.

    After recording the applause in the way we see fit, we will proceed to export the file in our audio and video editor, in order to cut it and use only the parts that convince us most. Once this is done, we can edit the audio itself, insert reverb, a delay, etc. Virtually any effect that makes our applause more appealing.

    The last step will be to save our changes and export this audio, we will have to export it in mp3 format to be able to use it on our mobile without problems, if our audio editor does not have this option, we can always search for an mp3 converter on the web.

    Personalizing our phones will always be an example of our creativity, and luckily for us, there are many ways to do it. The sound effects are ideal for all fans of music and creativity, who are always trying to stand out.

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