How to create VHS style transition effects in After Effects?

Currently the effects" Retro " in videos have become very popular among users of platforms such as YouTube. Similar to the nostalgia that the musical genre “ Lo-Fi ” generates in people. This is very easy to do, so find out how to create the effect with VHS style transitions in After Effects as easy as edit screen intro in adobe after effects.

Those effects reminiscent of the poor quality of old formats and devices they attract the nostalgia they generate in the people of that time. Generating an extra sensation in those users while viewing a video.

How to create the effect with VHS style transitions in After Effects

      VHS-style retro effect

      This type of element collects transitions, textures, effects that look like errors in the film or tape, and many other factors. These can be downloaded from different effect libraries and applied to a video.

      It should be noted that they can also be recreated using effects already in the built-in After Effects program. This generates more configuration and change range to give it the style you want or need.

      Steps to create the effect with VHS style transitions in After Effects

      The initial thing would be start the After Effects program and open the video you want to apply edits to recreate the effect with VHS-style transitions in After Effects

      Added Gaussian noise and blur effect

      To add the Gaussian noise and blur effect, you need to create a solid background with the shortcut "Ctrl+Y" , this must be created with the same dimensions as the video, normally this configuration is set in the factory, but it is important to verify that this is the case.

      Once the solid is created look in the effects library " Noise ". It must be dragged over the previously created element. In the effect settings you should put 30 in the noise level.

      In the effects library you have to search "Gaussian Blur" and, in the same way as in the previous step, you have to drag it onto the created solid. In its configuration, the value 7 must be placed in the element " Dimming ". Then, in the tab corresponding to the “ modality ” of the element being edited, the option “ must be chosen Add ” in blend mode.

      Color balance effect (HLS) and photo filter

      To add this, you need to search the effects library "Color Balance" and drag the one with the HLS in brackets onto the video. In its configuration section, the value 20 must be entered in the element “ Tone ".

      So you have to look for the effect "Photo Filter" in the same library and drag it to the video in the same way. In its settings section, you have to change the option " Filter " in " Blue " and choose the intensity you want. In this step you will see the change and its similarity to this mode to achieve the effect with VHS style transitions in After Effects.

      You can also integrate this option or use the same variation when exporting a video with a transparent background to After Effects.

      Fractal noise effect

      To apply this effect, you need to create another solid and add the effect to it "Fractal Noise" , which will be found in the effects library. In the elements of its configuration, the value 1000 must be placed in the contrast and 450 in the brightness.

      Going down the same list of settings, you will find the tab "Evolution Options" , click on it. In its options, the clock is selected from the section "Random Random" holding down the " Alt ".

      A box will appear at the bottom of the program interface, where it should be "Time*30" . This action will give you the repeat rate of this effect in the video. Then in blend mode you should put " Divide ".

      Depending on how you handle this tool, you can also apply it to audio-visual presentations, controlling how to speed up or slow down a video with After Effects to maximize the effect.

      Add relief effect

      Finally we need to add the effect “ relief” found in the bookstore. Also, you need to make a copy of the video element and remove all effects from that copy. Then drag the " Survey " on that object. In its blending mode, you have to choose "Design Luminance" to finish creating the VHS-style transition effect in After Effects.

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