How to customize and change the color of the Windows 10 mouse cursor

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Since time immemorial, human beings have been attracted to what they do not know; This is the point of origin of the computer industry, which today has a great importance for people in their daily life.

Normally, a person goes to their mobile device or computer at least once a day to perform some activities. Activities are developed through Windows that include creating documents, accessing an Internet page, or using recreational media.

It is there that comes into play the presence of one fundamental and necessary tool for run any activity or program, inside the computer. We are talking about the cursor. If you want to learn how to remove or enable double mouse click on Windows 10 system, here we teach you.

The cursor, also known as the pointer . It is a means used by an electronic device to tell a person where he is inside a computer or other device.

This can be done either with the tip of the finger (in the case of touchscreens, which you can change the size of the touch keyboard) or with the mouse. It is also used to click on a program, icon or application.

How to customize and change mouse cursor color in Windows 10?

On a computer with a Windows operating system, the cursor or pointer maintains a broad relationship between the machine and the user . You can change it and put sound on it if you want. Well, through devices such as a mouse or index finger (in the case of a laptop) it is possible for the person to perform actions directly on the monitor screen.

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Normally, this tool is represented in the shape of an arrow, which in its previous configuration has a white color, surrounded by a black border. Usually contains the shape of an arrow , which stands out mainly in dark colors but can also be seen very well in light colors.

There are also situations where the person may have problems performing a task on their computer, due to the failure of some of their devices or due to vision difficulties. This is why the current version of Windows 10 includes the option to change the color of the cursor or pointer.

Steps to change Windows 10 mouse cursor color

Some of the new applications that have been included in current versions of Windows are those that allow the user to customize the your computer . This is the case with the option to change the color of the cursor or mouse pointer.

And so the company has decided to allow this tool to change color as often as the individual deems necessary.

Now, if you are one of the users who still don't know how to change the cursor or pointer color, you can follow the following steps:

  • Enter the configuration menu available in Windows, to do this click on the menu (Windows key) + the letter.
  • Once in the menu, click on "accessibility" .
  • You will find several settings icons, click on "cursor and pointer" in the left section. In this tool you can increase or decrease the size of the slider as you see fit and you can also select the color you would like to use for it.
  • The options are different, the classic white, the black, the one that oscillates between white and black according to the background of the screen and a customization option where you can apply different combinations of the color palette.
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There is also the possibility to change the size of the cursor or pointer by entering the same accessibility section. You just need to enter the option "cursor and pointer size", normally the pointer is reflected with a fairly simple and thin arrow. Try increasing or decreasing the size of this and even changing the thickness of the arrow.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Do you know of another method to change the mouse cursor color? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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