How to customize Gmail to look like Outlook

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gmail and Outlook are both quite popular email providers; both have created a series of services around their brand and uses which have been of great benefit to hundreds of people and businesses around the world.

Being such popular and widely used brands, their uses have been limitless and both have made for very healthy competition. Among this competition, there are those people who love Gmail services, but still have a great appreciation for the look of Outlook.

While this seems a bit contrary and hard to satisfy tastes, there is a way you can merge both emails and give yourself the excellent service you've been dreaming of without having to feel awkward with either of them.

In a very simple and easy way, we can configure our Gmail account, so that it looks similar to what it offers us Outlook , find out more about this in this post.

These are the steps to follow

The services of each email company have different ways in which they have to attach the message services and also the replying services.

This is done via a special system that works out of default , a great example for this is the way gmail performs the process of grouping messages, as this proceeds is produced through the same subject line and all through a single entry in the tray .

This is a configuration mode, available within Outlook, so the first thing we need to do to make this change we want is to change the Gmail message display as close as possible to Outlook .

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For this activity, we need to start by opening a window within our browser, then logging into our Google email account. Once inside, we need to click on the gear icon, which is located at the top right.

There we can access the settings and then go to the tab " General ", where we will start scrolling down to the" Conversation view "and we will proceed to check the option" Disable view by conversation "and then, we will proceed with saving the changes so that they can be made effective.

The next step we are going to take corresponds to enabling the Gmail preview panel, so as to proceed to activate the display of our mailbox in a similar way to the reading panel that Outlook keeps by default.

To achieve this, we need to click on the gear icon, access the "Configuration" options and once there, access the "tab" Advanced configuration ".

Within this tab, we will mark the option " Enable the preview panel ", then click the" Save Changes "button again.

As a final step, enter the inbox and press the gear icon again, since there we can find the other button, which will help us change the type of division we will have. For this opportunity we will select the "Vertical Division" option, which corresponds to the preview of Microsoft Outlook for any of its platforms.

Find out how to put the calendar in your inbox

Outlook's best features include the calendar view , even within the mail itself. In this case, one of the best things we can do to make Gmail even more product-like Microsoft is to enable several Google Calendar gadgets, inside our inbox.

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To do this we just have to click on the calendar icon, which we will find in the upper right corner, and from there open the Google Calendar, from which we can create events . It should be noted that you can also insert a custom background theme in your Gmail email.

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