How to customize the mouse or mouse cursor in Google Chrome

Technology today is important to many people, because most of them use it every day, whether through television, a computer or a mobile device. This is because much of the technology we have at our disposal greatly simplifies every daily activity, such as the ability to communicate with members of our family, the Entertainment and much more.

And although each of these aspects and the way they are used may vary from person to person, such as the use of social networks, the role they have assumed in our daily life is undeniable.

However, the use of electronic devices such as mobile devices or computers has resulted in something important that many companies pay attention to, personalization.

This is a process (mostly aesthetic) through which we can change the way these devices look and are handled , which makes the use much more personal. This makes our phones really feel like us, and the same with computers, which to some extent are an extension of ourselves in terms of the content, speech and information we have.

But the big question is: can we do this with every little detail of our equipment? And the answer, in large part, is yes. As for a computer, we can modify many aspects of it, from the operating system, how it looks, how it is managed and much more; And the same can be said for different programs.

Although, in the case of browsers, this is not always the case, as you can see with Safari, which is usually a bit limited in terms of customization, but Chrome it is no stranger to this, as we can change to the cursor al its interior, which we will talk about later.

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How to change the cursor inside my Chrome browser?

Chrome is one of those browsers that have become extremely popular for its intuitive ease of use, speed, and also for its customization. You can change a lot of what you see on the screen when you search for alternative websites via Chrome, including the appearance of the cursor.

But you can't change it using just Chrome, for that you need to install an extension from the Chrome extension and product store. You can do the same by entering the main page of the Chrome Web Store and typing "cursor" in the search engine.

You'll see a lot of different results here, but the extension we recommend is Custom Cursor for Chrome, an extension that not only lets you choose a course from its huge collection, but also lets you upload your own so you can use it.

You can do this by uploading an image in the extension and configuring it to adapt to the use of the cursor as you wish. Although we recommend that it be a PNG format image different from other types of formats so that only the cursor is seen as you want and not a square image.

And, also remember that you can download other extensions if this is not to your liking, that they have their own sliders, in case you are looking for a particular style or type to use.

What else can I change in Chrome?

Chrome is a pretty browser flexible in terms of what you can change in its interface, where you can change the theme via its theme store or even upload your own.

You can also change the New Tab screen colors or background and much more, but in case you can't change something in particular, like a slider, you can use an extension from the Chrome Web Store and therefore change almost everything.

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