How to cut a SIM card in MicroSIM or nano in an easy way?

And it is really curious that the only thing that does not increase but decreases are the SIMs. But, regardless of the reason, this is happening all over the world, with users being forced to switch lines, because their SIM card is not compatible with the new mobile that have bought, for this problem today you will see the simplest solution.

Although as advice you should look for what virtual sim cards are and how do they work? , because maybe you don't have to cut yours.

Type di carta SIM

Now, before you can cut a SIM card into MicroSIM or nano, you first need to know what you are talking about. Today there are four types of SIM, some current and others obsolete, these are:


Its dimensions are 85,6 x 53,98mm, it was similar to credit cards and used in older phones, it was withdrawn from the market years ago. MiniSIM: They are the first to be implemented in the lightest and most compact mobile phones, it is the typical one that is placed under the battery in a slot, measures 25x 15mm.

Micro SIM

Some of the smaller ones that exist today, were invented by Apple and are the standard that is used today (this is because mobile phones are increasingly equipped with more internal components so you have to save space), measures 15 x 12 millimeters.

nanosim: These are the smallest of all and its use occurs mostly in high-end phones (it's pretty much just the chip), its size is 12,3 x 8,8mm. Now, after the review on each type of SIM is finished, it's time to cut a SIM card into MicroSIM or nano and for this you don't need to use any luxury device, it's enough:

A PDF template with the marks of the different sizes, a scissor (which will make the cut), a ruler, a pen (to make the marks) and sandpaper (to smooth the final edges).

Cut a SIM card in MicroSIM or nano

The moment of truth has arrived, cut out the ticket. Once you have the above materials, you need to move on. It should be noted that today's operators offer you the different sizes at once without having to ask, but for those who have a super old SIM who does not want to change this method is necessary.

The first thing is to take the PDF sheet that you should have printed with the template you will follow (you can find it on the internet) and put it on a flat surface, then place the paper on the sheet so that it matches perfectly. Then use the ruler as a support to mark the lines where the different cuts will pass, it is advisable to use a marker or a fine pencil.

Once this is done, pass the scissors through the lines previously drawn with the maximum delicacy, so as not to touch the splinter which is the important part. Then smooth the remaining edges with sandpaper (so they don't worry when you put it on your phone).

Then you just have to put the SIM card in the corresponding place of the new mobile and that's it. This method works to return your Micro or Nano card and is obviously permanent so you need to be very careful.

If all went as planned, the your phone should work with the new SIM, so you can say that you have learned a cut a board SIM in MicroSIM or nano.

Remember this card is like the brain of your cell phone, so you won't be looking for more information like how can the SIM card be blocked? , or how to activate an inactive chip or sim card, so that you can perfectly handle the problem and never go offline.

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