How to deactivate or delete a website in CPanel (example) - Quick and easy

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Personally created Internet web pages, whether on a corporate or private level, are usually or are very useful for our work. If you have one right now and want to disable it, there are several ways to do it and you can do it with CPanel . But you may be wondering what CPanel is and how you should use it, don't worry, we will explain what it is.

    What is CPanel or control panel and what does it consist of?

    Control Panel or CPanel is a panel based on the operating system Linux and is widely recognized around the world for creating web accounts. This allows you to conveniently manage services from the same place, being the industry standard control panel for web developers.

    Web administrators they use it to create sites and access files, including database and FTP account management. All the scenes behind a web page are controlled through this Control Panel in a practical and functional way.

    There are three easy ways to close your website from CPanel that will help you achieve your main goal, here we show you how to do it.

    How to use redirect to delete a web page

    URL or redirect is the World Wide Web or WWW technique for making a page available in more than one URL . When a browser wants to open a URL that has a redirect, it sends it to another website on the Internet. If this has not been clear to you, perhaps you should investigate what the URL is and what it is for.

    We briefly explain the first way you will need to deactivate or delete a website with CPanel, easy and fast.

    • Click "Redirects" in the domain control panel or CPanel.
    • Select "301 permanent" or "302 temporary" from the first menu that appears at the top of the redirect package.
    • Now select the domain you want to deactivate from the second drop-down menu.
    • Click on the radio option "Redirect with or without www" to confirm that it has been successfully disabled.
    • Check the box that says "Wildcard" so that you can redirect the domain and any database connected to the web.
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    • Enter the new URL to be redirected and click "Add" to complete the redirect successfully. When a person wants to go to the old URL, they will automatically return to the new website, which means that the old one has been deleted.

    How to use the file manager to deactivate a website

    Here we show you how the computer program that manages directories can integrate and deactivate web pages, thanks to the interface it provides.

      How to deactivate a website in the database section of CPanel

      Thanks to the data section of CPanel it is possible to define the set of rows or rows of the database. Here's how the section of the CPanel database can help you close a web page.

        Thanks to the three methods explained above, you can deactivate or delete a web page in a simple and practical way. Keep learning and enjoying the benefits of using CPanel, as even with CPanel you can back up a WordPress webpage and much more.

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