How to delete an application from Google Play Console? - Quick and easy

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There are many reasons why you should delete an application from Google Play console, due to an operational error or to change it. Whatever the causes, the procedure is really simple.

One of the changes you can make to your application is to create the privacy policy, this just in case you haven't done it from the start.

It is essential to know that the steps could undergo slight alterations, due to the weight, classification or duration you have at that time. However, their variations are minimal and will be explained upon deactivation.

Another important point is that the owners will not be able to access the selected information. So the decision needs to be considered and thought through very well to avoid bad times in the future and additional payments.

In addition to the Google Play Console, you can also use Android Studio to upload application updates.

    Step by step guide to remove an application from Google Play Console

    When removing an application from the Google Play Console, the following tutorial must be meticulously executed for its approval:

    Sign in to the Google Play Console

    The first thing users need to do is enter their personal Google Play account or that of the company in question. Therefore select o locate the section where all published projects are aligned.

    In case they don't know, users have to click the button that says: "My Applications" in an area of ​​the command to the left of the home page for users.

    Remove an app from the Google Play Console

    To proceed with the cancellation of the App in question, it is necessary to select the option, once shaded, press the command " Menu "Then, you'll need to click a button that says: "Price and distribution".

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    Finally, click again, only this time the user proceeds to select the option "Do not publish". This button is located in the right area of ​​the screen as a button within the selection.

    Once the procedure is finished, it is logical that the App does not appear in the application store. For this reason, you will not be able to recover the information that has been deleted.

    If I have problems, what do I do?

    In case of operational problems or failures of the platform itself, users should consult their situation at Google Play Console service support . They can also be contacted by sending an e-mail to the company.

    Phone calls and other means of communication are relevant and valid for the company. It is just a matter of adapting the situation and the structures of the owners at that time.

    Is it possible to delete more than one application?

    Google Play Console offers no limitations the number of applications deleted within the same account. Owners have freedom of movement and decision in the designs that are posted in the shop.

    However, deleting an application from the Google Play Console would irretrievably lose the applications. That is, it cannot be recovered in the future.

    Is removing an app from the Google Play Console expensive?

    On the platform's side, the answer is no, as tariff charges apply only for the publication of the same . What needs to be clear is that once the App is deleted, the money delivered at the beginning would be lost.

    Therefore, the company in question will have to pay the subscription again upon republishing in the Google Play Console. It is worth noting that this inexpensive charge starts at USD $ 25, it all depends on the nature of the project you are working with.

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    This is not counting the additional costs they may have some projects with specifications or special commands that require a larger budget than usual.

    Once your application updates and changes are finished, if you want to upload it again, please follow these steps.

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