How to delete and clear browsing data or search history from my mobile phone

You are trying to delete all your browsing data, stories after stories appear from all the pages you visit, we will show you the simplest and easiest way to get it.

The search for the navigation data of your mobile phone accumulate space or junk on your phone, it is recommended that you clear your search history every month and also for added security that your friends do not see the pages you have visited when you lend them your mobile for a moment.

On the mobile phone we have thousands of navigation data from all our applications, but the most used to search for information are always Google and YouTube, in Google you can delete the history of the information viewed, while on YouTube also, but in video or in a tutorial way.

It is always advisable to perform maintenance and clear the auto-complete history of the phone for better operation and smoother, only the monthly debugging will free you from the junk memory hosted on your mobile. Read on all the information that we bring you so that it is very useful.

How to delete the browsing data of the search from our mobile phone?

From our mobile we go to the settings menu, where we will locate the area or the activity of Google, we press on google to start the anchoring, more accounts may appear, we press on the account whose navigation data you want to delete.

You need to locate the data and personalization menu until you find my activity option at the bottom of the menu, by pressing click, in the main screen you will see three dots at the top right next to the history search engine, click the three dots button , a menu will appear immediately.

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In the menu we will locate the option or box to delete , click, four options will appear like last hour, last day, since always and custom period, you can choose what you want in any case.

If in your case you want to delete everything completely with the option to always press click, and cancel or cancel immediately waiting a few seconds to complete the cancellation. And in this quick and easy way you get what you are looking for.

How to delete incognito history from your PC?

Many times we use the card incognito to be able to browse sites where we do not want it to be registered on the computer. If you are a parent, always check or recover deleted browsing history, as children are very curious nowadays and may be looking at pages you don't respect for them.

Normally from our PC we go to the menu of the three dots which is located in the upper right part of the screen. From this place we can visit any page with the certainty that the history is not saved.

In the browsing history you can see all the pages you have visited but it does not record the pages you have opened as incognito. To locate the history we will go to the magnifying glass and place a command prompt, open and enter the following ipconfig / displaydns command pressing sending .

And in this very simple and fast way we will see all the incognito records that you have visited, to delete all the incognito history we will write the comando ipecconfig / flushdns award sending and in this way you can completely clear the history.

Delete YouTube search history on my mobile

From our YouTub application and on our mobile we go to the magnifying glass, that is to the YouTube search engine, in this place you can see all your history, choose the one you want to delete by moving it to the left.

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But if you want to do it in another way, in the upper right part of the main YouTube page in the logo of a sphere we press giving clips and it will launch a menu , you will choose the adjustment option, then locate the history and privacy option.

In the history and in the privacy you will see all the options to clear the YouTube search history or the playback history, it is advisable to clear both histories. And in this easy and simple way you can completely get rid of yours searches in your browser.

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