How to Delete Folders and Files from Mac OS 100% Safely

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As we use our computers, little by little yes accumulate many files , so at some point it is necessary to clean them. With that figured out, today we are going to teach you how to delete folders and files from a Mac OS in a 100% safe way.

How to Delete Folders and Files from Mac OS 100% Safely

Due to the usual buildup that most users have on their PCs, cleaning becomes very important. With the work operating Mac OS the story is the same, having a clean and organized system and hard drive will make the whole team work better.

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    How does file deletion work on Mac OS?

    Mac OS is an operating system owned by Apple, which has been Windows' main competitor in the paid software industry for many years. Many prefer her for hers particular style , very faithful to the principles of the apple company.

    Trash can

    As in many operating systems, such as Windows or Linux, there is also a so-called Recycle Bin in Mac OS. The Trash can it is nothing more than a space in which the files end up, once we press on Delete.

    It should be noted that the files that go to the Recycle Bin are not deleted immediately, in most cases it is necessary to delete them manually.

    How to delete folders and a Mac OS 100% safely

    Mac OS is a very intuitive operating system, with a very distinct style and with specially designed programs that work beautifully. Anyway, unnecessary files pile up over time, making it necessary to eliminate them.

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    Permanently delete files on Mac OS (the easiest way)

    As with Windows and other operating systems, Mac OS has a Recycle Bin, which means that in order to permanently delete files from the operating system, we need to empty this space. You can do this in the following way:

      The above procedure is useful for deleting unnecessary files. At the same time, consider removing applications and programs on your Mac OS to improve its performance.Use these methods to keep the your clean system and in perfect working order.

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