How to delete Instagram messages or private conversations

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People who use the social networks most important in the world, they didn't think for a moment that Instagram would sneak in as one of the most used today.

This is due to its versatility, incorporation of new and other video and photo sharing functions. It allows you to send so-called private messages and here in this article we will show you how to delete private messages or conversations from instagram.

It is that as users of any social network we do not want the messages we have sent to be read by other users. Or maybe you make a very common mistake of sending a direct message to another contact and we want to delete that message at all costs. So it would be very beneficial to have a method or a trick that allows us to eliminate these messages.

This tutorial will guide you step by step so you can delete messages or conversations privately from Instagram . But then you have to ask yourself the following question: how is this possible? And we will show you the answer below, we just ask you to keep reading the article.

How to delete private messages or conversations from Instagram

The evolution of Instagram it's remarkable and you can now do things that weren't possible before, like send voice messages. And with this we want to tell you that perhaps in the past it was not possible to delete private messages, but now it is.

And remember, we're not just talking about one message, but being able to delete an entire conversation. This is why many users keep signing up and creating their Instagram account.

But it is that Instagram has become a box of surprises, where everything is possible, since you will also know how cancel sending a message . This certainly exceeds our expectations of the practical functions of a social network. Then follow these steps which will be perfectly compatible with iOS or Android devices.

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Steps to delete private messages or conversations from Instagram

To clear conversations, the first thing we need to do is go directly to the social network Instagram , after logging in and being on our profile. Go to the messaging section that you recognize because it has a paper airplane icon. Clicking on the icon will show the conversations you have had with your contacts.

Time if your device is Android , you just have to choose and press the conversation to delete, you have to hold it, until three options appear. Of course you have to choose the Delete option and the conversation will be deleted. Now if your device is iOS, you will do the following. Select the conversation you want to delete, then swipe left.

This action will generate a menu with several options from which you have to choose Delete, then you will be asked to confirm the deletion of the conversation. And you will proceed to confirm it, in this way the chosen conversation has been deleted from Instagram.

Please note that this action only deletes messages in your account and in no way removes it from the account or from the list of those who participated in the chat. Now we will see how this is possible delete a message . This can be applied perfectly if you have sent a message to another contact on your list by mistake, now let's see how to cancel the sending.

The first thing you should do is go to the message section and be there, locate the message you want to delete . Once done, you just have to hold down until an options menu appears. You will see several options, but in our case we will select Cancel and you will have to do the same on both iOS and Android devices.

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Cancellation will delete the message from the conversation and from the recipient, and if the recipient hasn't seen the message yet, they never will. And in this way we came to the end of this article, very educational and which showed another Instagram function.

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