How to delete or delete a contact from my WhatsApp address book

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Many instant messaging applications have emerged over the past decade. However, few of them got the success that WhatsApp has had .

that's how WhatsApp positions itself as a leader in this area. With all the features it has, many people have created a WhatsApp account, spurring the growth of this messaging application.

In this sense, the application has provided an extension dedicated to companies and companies called WhatsApp Business. Where these have different tools than normal users. That is why in this article we will teach you how to delete or delete a contact from my WhatsApp agenda.

How to delete or delete a contact from my WhatsApp address book

The WhatsApp instant messaging application does not have the ability to delete or delete a contact from the address book. This is practically why WhatsApp does not have its own address book . Well, the application accesses your internal address book to get your contact information from there, such as phone number and name.

If you want to delete or delete a contact from my WhatsApp calendar , you need to do it from the contacts application of our device. To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

The first thing is to check the WhatsApp agenda and make sure that the contact appears there, in this way, we can see that the person we are about to delete appare actually in our WhatsApp agenda .

Then, we need to open the Contacts application of our device. From there, we have to find the WhatsApp contact we are about to delete .

Now, to proceed with the deletion, we need to click on that contact to open the information about it. Then we press the three vertical dots that appear in the upper right part of our screen, then we press Delete .

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Finally, let's go back to WhatsApp and update our agenda. If the removal was successful, our contact will also not be displayed in this section.

Why delete a contact from WhatsApp?

This question is common for WhatsApp users. Well, it might not make much sense to you delete a contact from your WhatsApp calendar . However, this is done for a reason and that is privacy.

We know that there is the possibility of blocking a contact on WhatsApp, but that would go a long way. When we simply want that a person does not see our profile picture or the videos and photos that we upload in the WhatsApp status. That's where we proceed to delete that contact.

Of course, this in no way guarantees that that person will never contact us again by this means. However, it's a good start to making it clear to someone that things are over and you won't be contacting them again.

Also, this is one way to avoid starting a conversation with someone that you don't like. Well, by not putting it on a WhatsApp contact list, the only way to start a conversation is if the other person texts you first.

If what you are looking for is to deny a person contact with you, then it is you need to block it from WhatsApp . This is the last resort to ensure abstinence from contact via this messaging application.

How to add a contact to my WhatsApp address book

In the opposite case from the previous tutorial, we will now look at the steps for add a new contact to your WhatsApp agenda . The process is quite similar. And likewise, it is very easy to perform. The steps to follow are as follows:

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To get started, you need to have the number di phone of the person we are going to add to our WhatsApp agenda. Then let's go to our Contacts app.

Now, you need to press the "+" button for open the new contact form . Here we enter data such as phone number and name. Then, we click add to contacts.

Finally, let's open our WhatsApp and let's check in our agenda that the contact is present. In this way, we verify that the registration process has been completed.

This way you can start enjoying the states that that person publishes and she can enjoy yours.

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