How to delete or delete a voice message already sent on WhatsApp Is it possible?

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Undoubtedly, social networks and messaging applications have been a total success in all communities, because they allow us to communicate with other people , which can also be a conversation between two or more people who are in different parts of the world. .

However, as these applications or platforms have been used, their users have managed to realize the lack of various functions, which, if developed or implemented in the application they are using, could greatly facilitate certain needs and very common problems among the people.

A clear example of this is at that moment when you send a message to a certain person accidentally or intentionally and after sending it you regret it and want to delete it.

Unfortunately this option was not possible at the time, but currently several platforms have implemented this feature in their most recent updates, one of which was one of the first to develop the feature for delete a message was WhatsApp.

How to delete or delete a message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best known messaging applications used by users all over the world today, thus having an approximate figure of 2.000 millions of active users on its platforms which in the course of its time in operation has created several innovative functions capable of improving the experience of its users.

One of them is to delete messages within conversations or groups, allowing the user to be able to delete a message that was sent during a period of 4.096 seconds, which would also translate into one hour and eight minutes, so to be able to delete the message you sent and thus be able to avoid a possible moment of embarrassment in front of the person you chat with normally or the group you are in

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Performing this function is really simple, you simply need to have the WhatsApp application installed on your device and configured on it, so that you can delete a WhatsApp message, follow the following steps

Delete WhatsApp messages

  1. The first thing you should do is open the application and then enter the chat or group where you sent the message you want to delete
  2. Next, select the message you want to delete, to do so press and hold on it or, if you are logged in to WhatsApp Web from your computer, you will have to right click on it to access more options
  3. From the options in the message, select the one it says "delete message for all" , so that the message is cleared and cannot be read by anyone (note that this option can only be done if the message has not exceeded the 4.096 second period)
  4. If you want to delete the message just for you, click on the option "delete just for me" in so that the message does not appear in the conversation, (by selecting this option the message will only be deleted from your chat, however the other person or the rest of the users in the group can continue to see it)

How to delete a voice message on WhatsApp

Voice messages or WhatsApp audio are an excellent alternative in case the user has some problems and does not want to write the message using the device keyboard, or if he uses a hands-free device.

You will simply have to record the message in so that it is sent to the other person or group on WhatsApp and thus they can listen to it, it should be noted that this message can also be speeded up with the help of some applications

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However, sometimes certain mistakes or mistakes are also made while sending these voicemails, so below we will teach you how to delete voice or audio messages from WhatsApp

  1. To start deleting voice or audio messages in WhatsApp you need to access the application via your mobile device or computer
  2. Then go to the conversation or group where the voicemail you want to delete is located.
  3. Select it by holding it down or right-clicking to access more options
  4. Click on the option "delete for all" in so that it is eliminated and cannot be heard by anyone
  5. You can also delete it for yourself by choosing the option "delete it for me"
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