How to delete or delete a WhatsApp before it arrives and is seen

It is no secret to anyone that social networks or platforms have become something that we consider essential for many people , over the years they have had an extremely interesting evolution within the technological world, thus benefiting society in all these media.

They allow us an infinite number of things, promoting comfort and efficiency within what we do every day, as you know we spend most of our time in front of a mobile phone or computer screen using these platforms in various ways.

With their good use we can do great things, they have been so significant that in a long time they have also generated sources of employment for users, making the most of them and satisfying our needs.

Through them we make social interaction with people easier nearby and, of course, from all over the world, through many applications that have emerged from exclusive and innovative developers, promoting communication in a globalized way.

    WhatsApp What is it and how does it work?

    This in an application that it is mainly based on instant messaging , in the same way it allows you to make calls and video calls through it, has an efficiency when carrying out such activities like no other, it should be noted that in his work he has become the favorite of users all over the world.

    It works very simply especially for those who are staying starting in the world of social networks , its main menu is extremely understandable and easy to use, we will find the options for chats, calls, video calls and much more, it also raises the possibility of inserting states, where we can display advertising or simply some image or video.

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    We can also socialize with our contacts, who will in fact appear in a list within the WhatsApp menu , and is extremely safe and reliable thanks to its privacy policies.

    Some advantages and disadvantages of the WhatsApp application

    While it is true that each application has its pros and cons, between the advantages of WhatsApp , we have that it is totally free for both Android and iOS, we can use it when we want without problems and of course set it up quickly.

    We also know that advertising content is a little annoying, then WhatsApp offers none of this , allows for distraction-free work.

    The best thing is that the contacts we have added on our mobile, WhatsApp imports them automatically in its menu , to facilitate interaction and for the best we can send messages without adding a contact.

    In its disadvantages we consider the fact that it requires an update every now and then to be able to continue using it, similarly there are times when the contacts are not displayed, so we have to update the contact list, also which can get very heavy or they take up a lot of space in some phones not that powerful.

    We've all either sent the wrong message or it just wasn't what we meant, and so we want to delete them before the other person reads it, that's why the app allows us to perform this function , always thinking about the well-being of the employer.

    When we send a message to a contact we have in our WhatsApp agenda and we want to delete it, we just have to hold down the message we want to delete for a few seconds.

    Then you are at the top right of the screen a trash can icon will appear, we will click there and get the options of: 'delete for me' 'delete for all' and 'undo', we have to press 'delete for all'.

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    Immediately the message will be deleted, it should be noted that we must do this before the person reads it, as it is our goal, and of course WhatsApp allows us to perform this function even hours after sending it, we can delete it in the same way.

    So we can avoid any misunderstanding, and be sure that the person will not read it, anyway happens with voice notes in WhatsApp , when you send voice messages we can delete them by doing the same procedure already mentioned.

    How long do I have to delete a WhatsApp message before they receive it?

    The most widely used instant messaging application globally, offers a great option to its users when they make a mistake in sending a message; It consists in the fact that you can delete the message without the other person noticing, only the notification of 'this message has been deleted' will appear; but what you wrote or sent will not be displayed.

    Now, you should know that this alternative won't be available for as long as you want; that is to say, WhatsApp sets a time limit for getting rid of said message. A maximum time of 4000 seconds is estimated ; which equates to just over an hour.

    However, this itself depends on some factors that are directly related to the reception of the message; For example, if the recipient receives the message immediately, it won't take long before you can delete it; but if, on the contrary, it does not reach it, then if you have this time to act.

    How to delete a message sent by WhatsApp after the time limit

    Despite the expiration of the time limit to delete the message you do not want a WhatsApp chat; We will explain what you need to do so that you can get rid of it , as there is a way you can do this quickly and easily on your mobile.

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    As a starting point, disconnect your device's wireless connections (both data and Wi-Fi) or put it in airplane mode. Then force quit or stop the app ; to do this, go to your mobile phone settings, open the applications section and click on WhatsApp; once inside, click on the "Quit Application" or "Force Quit" button.

    Now you have to change the time of the mobile; for this go to the phone settings, enter the date and time ; Here you must first deactivate the automatic time and then if you change it for a few minutes before the time of sending the message.

    Then go to WhatsApp, enter the chat and delete the message for everyone; this way it will disappear even if the time limit has elapsed. Exit there and go back to settings and reverse the process per hour; finally activate the wireless connections or remove the phone's airplane mode and voila.

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