How to delete or delete all audio from my WhatsApp account from mobile

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There are applications that compile or collect for the whole life that the application installed on our mobile phone has, a large amount of data, be it images, audio or video, WhatsApp is not out of these; It is an application that stores a particular amount of data and weight in files that we sometimes even take for granted, this happens because we have WhatsApp configured to work in this way; Namely, save things automatically, here we will see how to delete these files, especially the audios that we have in our WhatsApp account.

    Where to find voice messages

    WhatsApp allows its users to automatically save the voice notes on the device you use , it doesn't matter if you have an Android or iOS system. Either the voice messages you send or the ones you receive; We will explain where you should go to see them on your mobile.

    These audios are recorded in the phone's internal memory ; where you first need to open the settings or settings of the mobile phone, then go to the memory; being there you have to look for the folder that says "WhatsApp" and there will appear another folder that says "WhatsApp Voice Notes" or "WhatsApp Audio". In these two folders you will be able to see and play these messages and audio coming to you.

    What is saved in the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder

    In this folder you will find only the voice notes you receive and send to your contacts . That is, audios arriving from mass messages or popular broadcast channels will not be saved; since for these there is another folder where they are stored

    How to delete WhatsApp voicemail messages

    Like other online messaging applications, WhatsApp has a database on your mobile that is responsible for storing this information privately and not in plain sight of the user, this happens many times when our application starts creating a backup which is loaded on the mobile phone so that if it is uninstalled the data will last, but there is a simple and manual way to delete all these data or files in this case the audio that we have to delete from our device.

    • Go to the application screen of your mobile phone and look for the file explorer on your mobile device, this explorer allows you to directly and easily access the internal storage folders of your mobile phone.
    • Once you find the file explorer, enter in the internal memory of the device , inside you can see the folders that are stored in the internal memory, including the WhatsApp folder .
    • Inside the WhatsApp folder you will find three folders, Backup, Databases and Media, enter the Media folder .
    • In the folder there are all the multimedia files of the application, it is about photos, images and videos which are divided and organized into separate folders so that you can find the files.
    • Enter the folder WhatsApp voice notes , inside there are all the audio files that have been received and sent from the voice notes, proceed to select all and delete them in this way the voice notes will be deleted from the account.
    • Go back and now access the folder WhatsApp audio , within this you will find all the audio files both sent and received by other users, select all and delete them.
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    Ready this way you will have deleted all audio within the application and the account in question, this method can work to delete other media files such as pictures or videos, so all you need is to find the folder and delete them so that they stop exist in the WhatsApp application and also in the account, there are other methods to delete everything such as self-destructing all messages in the account but this is a more extreme method of fixing or deleting things.

    What should I do if the files still exist in my WhatsApp account?

    The solution to this would be to eliminate backup that WhatsApp does every now and then in this way the records of past files that WhatsApp has stored both in chats and groups within the application are deleted, this is done by the application for that if you uninstall WhatsApp, the application protects such data in case reinstall, saving previously used chats and records in an account or in a previous state of the mobile.

    • Again go to the WhatsApp folder inside the internal memory of your device and inside it look for the Backup folder.
    • Folder Backup it is the one that archives the backup copies and then archives from time to time and updates together the chats and groups of the files that you want to delete.
    • Select all inside the folder and delete it in this way you will make sure that all the files saved within WhatsApp do not even exist in the backup because they will be permanently deleted.

    You can make sure this doesn't happen again disabling the WhatsApp backup and avoid that I have never done it, you do it by going to settings and looking for Chat and at the bottom of everything should appear both the chat history and the backup, where it says save in Google Drive select the option to never save.

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    Why it is important to periodically delete audios

    Deleting audio and voice notes from the device every now and then It allows you to have a better functioning of the application and even of the mobile as such . Audio generally tends to take up a lot of storage space; however, others even manage to carry embedded viruses.

    Therefore, It is of great importance to periodically clean up all audio that you receive or send on your WhatsApp; This is so that you have no future problems with the app or your device is not saturated with media files that you can get very little benefit from or don't even need at all.

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