How to delete or delete messages, files or audio sent in a WhatsApp group

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We know they exist just like the chats we frequent are in private with other users or numbers have a large amount of files and messages, now WhatsApp groups are no exception, these groups tend to be a message magnet When there are important dates or holidays in groups of friends, families or acquaintances, many times these groups bring a great burden to the device or it is simply full of text garbage that we want to clean, there are ways to do it and do it quickly and here we will see sorry.

    How to delete WhatsApp files or audio sent on Android or iOS?

    To delete a specific message or file we just need follow a few simple steps , this is the quick and easy way both to find the message and to delete it in turn so that we can get rid of it to get more space or simply because we want to find a way to delete a file that is in the deepest and oldest part of the registry of group chat, for this we have tools that WhatsApp offers us thanks to its much improved features over the years.

    • Open WhatsApp and go to the group to which you want to delete or delete the file , it can be a group of friends, a work group or even a family group which is one of the most frequent when it is full of messages and files.
    • In the upper right corner in the three vertical points select and give the option to cercare , search for the message you want to delete by entering keywords or phrases that you think the message or file contains.
    • Once found, you just have to press and hold the message and give it deletion, in this way you would delete the message from the group and clean it from your messaging.
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    Completely and permanently delete all group chats

    Now if we want a more thorough cleaning and delete or delete a whole group of messages and multimedia files, we just have to go to some simple options that the WhatsApp application offers us, it is quite simple and straightforward , but they will end up clearing the entire group chat log in general, this includes photos, files and videos that said chat may have stored but likewise, if we don't want to have this chat stored on our device, we just have to do the following.

    • Enter your WhatsApp and find the group from you want to completely and permanently delete the chat.
    • Enter the chat and select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner screen.
    • Next, hit on the option empty chat , in this way the chat would be completely deleted.

    These are the methods to delete messages in WhatsApp groups , it is good because they free up space and improve the performance of the application in terms of speed, because the large number of messages and files hinder the functioning of the application, as well as increase the weight of the application exponentially, group chats are by far the number one cause of WhatsApp weight gain and space consumption, which is why it is always important to clean them.

    How to prevent group chats from consuming a lot of space?

    One way to prevent chats from taking up so much space is to limit the application to the automatic download of multimedia files. This it is a way to configure the application so that it does not take up so much space and in this way it does not become unproductive to use WhatsApp due to its slowness or that it sometimes ends up closing due to how heavy it can be because the same files and readings within the application end up affecting when you open WhatsApp.

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    • Enter the WhatsApp settings in the three vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen and select storage and data.
    • For all types of downloads, try to select any file so that nothing is downloaded without your permission previously, that is, manually download things to get the control of space within the application .

    How do I delete WhatsApp messages from a group after hours?

    When you send a message to a WhatsApp group, it will be available to its members, but if you want to delete it, you will have limits. The time to delete a WhatsApp message is 60 minutes so that the Delete for all option remains available.

    If not, you should follow these helpful tips to do it:

    Change the time

    One option to delete WhatsApp messages after the hour is change the time of the mobile. Therefore, you need to check when you sent the message and set the clock within the maximum time.

    To do this, we force close our WhatsApp in the phone's Settings. We will go to the applications menu, so we locate the app and click on "Force stop" . This way, we'll go back to the settings menu and check the Date and time box. Remember that if your message was sent at 18:00, the clock must be set by 19:00 on the same date.

    Uncheck the option Set automatically, this will give us the freedom to adjust the date and time we want.

    Delete message for everyone

    Once we have reached the previous step, we will reopen WhatsApp and access the group to which we send the message. We need to find the message and select it, then tap Menu> Delete message> Delete for all and that's it.

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    Our message has already been deleted for all group members, but remember that the notification will still be visible. This message has been deleted, but the rest of the content will no longer be available.

    Remember to reset the correct time after completing the steps. All you have to do is check the Set automatically box in the date and time section in the phone settings.

    App to delete files and audio from WhatsApp

    Many of the files and audios we receive on WhatsApp are stored in internal memory . We cannot access them from the app, for this reason the use of applications to delete them is justified. Between
    these we can highlight the following applications that aim to clean our WhatsApp.

    L'app WCleaner per WA was created to help us clean up. It allows you to free up the internal memory and also the memory of the SD card. In addition to this, it individually catalogs the files sent and those received.

    The case of Cleaner for WhatsApp it is similar to the previous one. It allows you to find, measure and delete WhatsApp files and audios. Also, this app has the ability to find duplicate files and audios, which is useful for saving space and memory.

    WhatsApp Cleaner

    One of the best tools to delete files from the WhatsApp app is WhatsApp Cleaner. An application made for facilitate space saving on our mobile device. Its main function is to clean and create backup copies of our WhatsApp file storage.

    The WhatsApp cleaner gives us the possibility to do a guaranteed cleaning at intervals of time. Dove gives us the ability to delete files, audio and images precisely and selectively by the user.

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