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All game lovers love to remember their glory days on the pitch and there is no better way to do that than through online sports games, in this case we are talking about Score Match by property of FTGames.

But as happens to many of us, there comes a point where this application definitely bores us, and this happens for several reasons, such as we could delete your account and our progress in Score Match? Here in Look How It Is Made we explain it to you.

Despite being a fairly fun game, there comes a point where it gets repetitive, constant, hence most gamers ends up eliminating it or to look for other similar alternatives. Among them are offline soccer games for Android.

    What are the main reasons for removing Score Match?

    The main reason for account deletion is monotony that is generated in the game after some time. Not enough, you can continue to receive notifications from the game, such as those that take care of reporting player loan requests.

    For this reason, most of the players who they are already bored from the repetitive play pattern, completely delete your account.

    How to delete my Score Match account

    In principle it is well known that to start an account in this game it is necessary link it to an account Facebook, because this will automatically create a profile in the game based on your Facebook account data, both your information and your profile picture.

    Now creating the account is really easy, as almost the whole process is automatic, but deleting it is a little more complicated. Even if it's worth it, because this way you will stop receiving annoying notifications from this game.

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    It is very important to know that once your account is deleted, all the progress you have made in the game they will be lost and, if you want to play it again, you'll start from scratch. Without further warning, here are the steps.

    The first thing you should do is enter your Facebook account, in which once you are inside, you have to go to settings , where you just have to scroll until you find an option called " applications and websites " which is where we must enter.

    After entering it, you have to press where it says' session started in Facebook ' , wait a few minutes and then you will see a list, with all the applications where Facebook keeps a link.

    You just have to check the box that is right next to the game image Score match and press the delete option located at the top left in blue.

    Finally, they show you the option for delete everything related to what is posted via that account, this action will be at your discretion, but if you want to delete all history, you have to click on the box and then hit the blue button that says 'delete'.

    A window will open explaining that the link along with the account has been deleted, just hit the button that says "done" and that's it.

    Uninstall Score Match from your mobile

    After performing the previous step, it is only necessary delete said application from our mobile device, this is achieved in the following way. Just go to the central application panel of your mobile phone and press for a few seconds until you can drag the image to the 'uninstall' option, the process will run automatically.

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    It should be noted that the uninstall option may be different in different device models and operating systems, such as uninstalling applications on iPad iPhone iPod.

    You just have to go to your file manager and delete any folder that has the name of the game , which will not have any connection to your account that no longer exists, but it is possible that it takes up a small space in the memory of your mobile device.

    Uninstall Score Match on Android

    Uninstall Score Match on iOS

    Unsubscribe from Score Match for a few days

    If possible, you just need to log out of your account or remove the Score Match application without the need to log out of Facebook.

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