How to delete or delete WhatsApp backup or backup from Google Drive

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Currently one of the most used social networks by people all over the world is WhatsApp, so it is very common to see that users use Google drive to frequently save conversations and files; as this option allows you to have a backup of all information and to restore conversations and archives if necessary.

However, it should be noted that every day more and more people prefer not to have a backup for fear of hacking information, if this is your case, stay in the hall and find out how to delete or delete the backup copy of WhatsApp which is in Google Unity.

    In general, Google offers the best tools and services online, whether you use them for your business or simply for personal benefit; That's why the vast majority of WhatsApp users automatically connect or create a backup of their activity and save it to Google Drive.

    But don't worry if you want disable backup , you just have to follow the steps below and you will see that it is a very simple procedure.

    Step 1

    The first thing you need to do to get rid of the WhatsApp backup is to enter your Google Drive account from your PC. In this case, it is very important that you enter the account with which the WhatsApp number is associated , since only in this way will you be able to deactivate or delete the backup of the aforementioned social network.

    Step 2

    When you enter, you have to go to the option of configuration located in the upper right part screen. Also, you have to select the section that says manage applications, in this case you will see that a list will be displayed with all the apps synchronized with your Google Drive account. Like Google Docs, Google Earth among others.

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    Step 3

    At this point you just have to search for the WhatsApp App and then go to the section called options; There you will find an option that says "Disconnect from Google Drive" , in that case you just have to click on that section and then confirm. Since in this way you will be able to delete the backup which is automatically stored in your account.

    How to disable WhatsApp backup settings on Google Drive

    This procedure can be done from the WhatsApp application. To do this, open the application and go to the Settings section. Now, search for "Chat" and log in there. Towards the end you will find the option Backup .

    Inside the backup are the Google Drive settings. In the option "Save to Google Drive" select the "Never" option , which completely disables backup. Otherwise, activate 'Only when I touch save', this way the backup copies will be made only when the save option is pressed.

    In turn, we recommend that in the "Save using" option to select Wi-Fi only, this way you will not waste data if you want make a backup of WhatsApp .

    First of all, it should be noted that Google does not allow you to download the backup if you do not log in via WhatsApp . Usually, this is done via the registry, but more on that later.

    Da un PC Windows o Mac

    There are no official ways to get WhatsApp backups from your computer. You have to understand that WhatsApp is a mobile application, then it is difficult to download files stored in Google Drive .

    Even so, there is a way, we intend to use emulators . If you download an emulator, install WhatsApp and enter the associated phone number, you can get the Google Drive backup. These are a good way to get your information if you don't have a cell phone.

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    From an Android or iOS mobile

    Backups can be obtained when you change your mobile phone and install WhatsApp . You can also get the copy if you delete the app data and go through the initial registration process.

    When starting this record, the option for will be displayed restore the backup stored in Google Drive . You just have to do the configuration and you will get this data automatically.

    To delete old WhatsApp backups

    It's better perform this process directly from your computer . To do this, enter your Google account and go to the Google Drive section. At the top right you will see the option "Backup" , click on it.

    Locate your WhatsApp backup, finally select the option 'Delete backup' , after which the old backup will be deleted.

    How to delete a WhatsApp backup on iOS

    On your Apple device, open the settings options, then go to your username that appears at the top. ICloud options will appear, click there and then on "Manage storage space" .

    Locate the copies section, space where the backup copies of the device are shown, here select your mobile phone. Doing so will show all the backup copies of the applications, in this case search for WhatsApp and disable it . The "Deactivate and Delete" option will appear, click on it and the process will be completed successfully.

    Is WhatsApp backup a good option?

    Although whether or not to have a backup or a backup of your WhatsApp activity on Google Drive is a very personal decision, there are users who think that more than an advantage is a necessity ; As this allows you to recover all your information in case of any inconvenience or problem with both your smartphone and the application.

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    Likewise, if you don't want a backup copy saved in Google Drive, you will always have the option of local backup ; that is the one that allows you to save information in the memory or SD card of your smartphone.

    However, in order to have it you need to periodically transfer this backup to another storage location such as your PC, as if you have a problem with your phone you can use this file and retrieve the information.

    Remember that like any technological system, inconveniences can always be present, although even as more serious or more relevant problems you can contact WhatsApp customer service via email. Being the most popular instant messaging service in the world, has a high quality service that assists and tries to solve the problems of all its users.

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